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Sushi Cafe

100% Local

4605 Northeast Fourth Street Suite Five
Renton , WA 98059 (view map)
Phone: (425) 988-3650 Hours:

Tue-Thu 11:30am – 9:00pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am – 10:00pm
Sun 11:30am – 9:00pm

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Sushi Cafe and All Things Wine have a creative, synergistic relationship: Buy a bottle to pair with dinner and enjoy, free of corkage fee!

Sushi Cafe strives to make you feel like a regular, to the point that by meal's end, sidled up to the sushi bar, you'll likely feel a little like family.

Start off with an order of pork & vegetable lumpia as a crunchy precursor to hand-crafted sushi. Or if you seek spicy, rosy tuna, partake in a Korean Poke Salad; sashimi-grade Ahi glazed in Korean chili sauce and sesame oil, then artfully placed on a dais of nori and crisp cucumber slices, like a miniature sunset-pink Mount Fuji embellished with sesame seeds and scallion curls.

You'll find a bountiful selection of sushi options in several categories:
- Sashimi; raw seafood, without rice, cut with precision into morsels which allow the full, delicate flavor of the food to be conveyed with little disctraction.
- Nigiri; literally meaning "squeezed" or "grasped," these are the oblong form with a cake of vinagared rice beneath.
- Gunkan; these resemble a seaweed "battleship" of sorts, often piled high with roe.
- Special Cooked rolls; often an entry point for those palates unfamiliar or uncomfortable with raw fish, Sushi Cafe offers an extensive array of tempura-fried, baked, torched and grilled rolls, sliced into several pieces to share.
- Special Raw rolls; opposite the cooked options you'll find fare for bolder, curious, and traditional palates.

Come in today and try something new and tasty!


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