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King County Security Guards

100% Local

601 S 3rd St. Suite B
Renton , WA 98057 (view map)
Phone: 425-970-3279 Website: Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

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King County Security Guards

Protecting Your World Like We Protect Our Own

At King County Security Guards our highest priority is the safety of your personnel and property. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to treat our officers with respect, compensate them fairly, and maintain high expectations for on-the-job behavior. We have a state-of-the-art electronic accountability system that can show where and when our guards patrol while they are on duty. Whether you need eyes to watch your neighborhood, or an authoritative presence to supervise a labor dispute, King County Security Guards provides the finest security guards around, at competitive rates.

King County Security Guards is a small, woman-owned business. They are committed to responsive, thorough customer service. KCSG is a member of the tourism bureau, Visit Seattle, and the Renton Chamber of Commerce.

Residential Security

Whether you represent a gated community, apartment or condominium community, or home owners' association, KCSG can provide some additional peace of mind in the form of periodic (randomized) patrols, or continuous surveillance. We can customize a program according to your needs.

Construction Sites

Incidents of copper theft and graffiti damage are on the rise. Officers from King County Security Guards will be outfitted with a hard hat, security vest, and spotlight to discourage illegal activity from occurring at your construction site.

Labor Disputes

Labor disputes can quickly escalate with ensuing damage or injury. Extra security on hand can discourage strikers from impeding workers from crossing picket lines, or damaging property. Don't be caught unprepared!

Workplace Security / Surveillance

Imagine coming to work to find your front door ajar. Someone may have decided that sleeping inside your office was preferable to sleeping on your porch. This scenario is not uncommon nowadays, with homelessness on the rise in our area.

Are your business costs inexplicably increasing? Studies show that workplace theft is alarmingly common. King County Security Guards can provide an extra layer of prevention against employee theft.

Concierge Security

Concierge security is the "red carpet" service of the security industry. Concierge security guards, dressed in anything from an officer's uniform to a professional suit, can help you greet customers, answer questions, direct traffic, and perform as a concierge, while offering security services. Concierge security guards can offer chaperone services for teen overnight excursions, extra help in a hotel lobby, etc.

Personal Protection

King County Security Guards can provide you with a "body guard" anytime, whether you need them for a day, a week-long trip, or on an ongoing basis.


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