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Highlands Preschool


701 Monroe Ave NE
Renton , WA 98056 (view map)
Phone: (425) 255-9422 Website: Hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00-11:15, 11:30-1:45


"A Child Learns By Doing"

Built on the idea that "A Child Leans by Doing", Highlands Preschool has been helping kids play their way to school readiness for over 60 years. Highlands preschool weaves early academic readiness learning into a child's experience using stories, songs, games, dramatic play, outdoor play, and circle time. Beginning math and science skills are taught through counting, patterns, weighing and measuring, and experimenting. Stories, poems, and songs teach language skills. Shapes and colors are learned effortlessly when kids are doing such fun activities as matching, patterning, graphing, and charting.

Art is a daily activity for al students at Highlands Preschool. Kids learn patterns, colors, shapes, and other facts as they practice using products such as scissors, paint, and glue.


Three Times Voted "Best In Renton"

Highlands Preschool was voted "Best In Renton" for the third time in 2013 in the Renton Reporter's Best in Renton contest. Parents and kids alike love Highlands Preschool! Kids love the playtime, circle time, group activities, and field trips with other kids. Parents are confident that the teachers are guiding their children on a path to successful transition to school. Children learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes, social readiness (how to sit in circle time, transition between activities, and form lines) and other skills that help kids succeed in school.


The three class levels for students of Highlands Preschool are based on how many years until they enter kindergarten.

  • PS1 is for kids who enter kindergarten the following year. Max 12 kids/teacher
  • PS2 is for kids who are two years from entering kindergarten. Max 10 kids/teacher
  • PS3 is for kids who turn three between September 1st and December 31st. Max 8 kids/ teacher

PS1 students keep a journal and workbook throughout the year. At the beginning of the year they draw a self-portrait. They draw another portrait mid-year, and one at year-end to demonstrate developmental progress. In their workbook, they study a "letter of the week", learning the letter's sound, and practicing writing it.

Kids with food sensitivites will be safe at Highlands Preschool. Each child brings their own snack, and no sharing is allowed. Out of respect for those with peanut or other nut allergies, our facility is nut-free.


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