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Eyes On the Landing

100% Local

822 North 10th Place, Suite A
Renton , WA 98057 (view map)
Phone: (425) 276-5752 Website: Hours:

Mon-Fri 10 am – 6 pm
Sat 10 am – 5 pm
Sun closed

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we want to help you

SEE well,


and feel AMAZING


Losing vision can be a scary and overwhelming experience. We want to help you be able to see everything clearly: close up, far away, and everything in between, without headaches or eye strain.


...the eyes are the window to the... body

Dr. Evie Lawson is committed to spending ample time with her patients to thoroughly examine and educate them. Did you know that during a routine eye exam your optometrist can test your nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems? She incorporates full body health and nutrition into her counselling!

looking fabulous

Our staff takes as much time as you need to help you pick out glasses that look great on you. We have found that our number one source of referrals is customers who truly look good in their glasses.

We wear glasses too, so we know how you really treat your glasses. That's why we stock brands that are the best value for their price, based on the quality of construction and type of materials used. All the brands we carry make only glasses, not purses and shoes, so you know that you are paying for a high-quality pair of eyeglasses, not a celebrity brand name. For example, we have a brand of glasses made of durable, lightweight Japanese airplane titanium, and another pair with unbreakable cable hinges.

We take most insurance plans...just ask us!


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