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Evolve Health & Fitness is helping to teach, motivate and inspire people to a happier and healthier lifestyle. To help people reconnect with there body, mind, and spirit.

Jamie Schneider is a IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer.
Teaching, Guiding, Motivating, and Supporting people to a better life!
Serving Oak Creek, Racine, Kenosha, Caledonia, and surrounding areas.

I grew up with hypoglycemia and chronic stomach problems doctors proved to be very little help for me. Living on tums and pills with no energy, overweight, not sleeping at night, moody, and stressed all the time I knew there had to be a better way! My life has taken me on a long and sometimes painful journey, but through it all I found a new way to live or is it just an old way to live that has been lost? My path has lead me to find not only health and happiness but an inner peace and knowledge that live is truly a gift not to be wasted. As a part of my journey I became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, but realized that there is more to true health than just exercise. Now as a IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach I combine diet, exercise, spirituality, communication, and many other aspects to help people reset their life so they to can find not only health but the true joy in their life!


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