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Zion Port, SEO for Small Business

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Zion Port focuses on locally owned small business owners who have small business budgets. I provide professional results at affordable prices. The importance and value is due to your circumstances. I've been trying to drive affordability but not loosing effectiveness when you're buying SEO services.

My Methods

The first thing I like to determine is the keywords the client is want to work with.  I want them to have the right results for them.  To make sure all of my efforts are within Google's Guidelines.  I say Google, because its your largest search provider.  Every search engine submission method is easy compared to Google.  As they (google) really want to deliver results to those who are searching.  You need to be part of those results.

Be Loyal, Shop Local

RelyLocal_LogoRelyLocal is part of my business model. The goals are the same. If you don't know what this is. Its a wonderful organization where its trying to promote local business owners to rebuild the local economy.

I've recently joined in for that purpose. My goal is to supply local business with a website that's clean and efficient. In my city alone websites are bare, business that offer this service don't achieve quality design, all they want is the dollar, not caring how the website looks for the benefit of that business, or the owners try to build themselves.


Web Design

Website Design & Website development is as you would imagine, the development and design of your business or personal website. 


If you are looking to market your company, product or services over the internet then there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in quality backlinks today.

Social Media

Social media isn't brand new, but businesses love to use it to promote.  In order for you to have a good social tactic in place, you first need an audience. 

Article Writing

If you are looking out for good content for your website, your hunt stops at Zion Port.  for I am capable of producing compelling, effective and creative content.


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