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WellQor Seniors are healthier and happier.

WellQor is a full-service Psychology Practice offering a comprehensive psychological examination to include cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial factors that permit our well trained clinical staff to render accurate diagnoses and proper treatment. We have a highly professional team of licensed Psychologists and Social Workers.

WellQor provides the starting point for treatment planning for the older adult. Our clinicians work with Senior Living staff and families to ensure the proper clinical and caregiving services for each resident. Our dynamic practices help treat the emotional, cognitive, relational and motor health needs of each resident and decrease their risk of further decline. WellQor practices have developed clinical programs to better serve the mission of helping individuals and their families at any stage of the lifespan.


Psychological Services

WellQor is uniquely positioned to be a top provider of comprehensive psychological services for the geriatric health community. Our business model has been instituted to make the largest impact, without disturbing the systems that communities already have in place. We firmly believe that older adults deserve this type of care, and we have the credentials, experience, and foresight to provide it.




Who We Are

We are Partners in enriching the lives of those served in and around Senior Living.

Our clinical services are delivered by a highly professional clinical team of licensed Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, and Clinical Social Workers, providing assessments, evaluations, therapy, education, training, research, professional expertise and ongoing support for Senior Living communities.

Geriatric psychology is an important branch of psychology that focuses on the mental, emotional, and physical problems faced by elderly individuals. Unfortunately, old age comes with its own set of unique challenges. It is in this stage of life that a persons’ body starts to wind down.

At WellQor, we are engaging in a very proactive approach with Senior Living Communities to enable tremendous opportunities to fill the current gaps that exist when cognitive, psychological and psycho-social evaluations and therapies are not offered. WellQor continues its initiative to work with Senior Living Communities to design complete wellness programs that not only include physical aspects, but explores the concept of complete brain health.

Our Cardinal Principles:

  • A. Comprehensive Scope of Services
  • B. Adherence to Standards of Practice
  • C. Removal of Redundancies and Inefficiencies
  • D. Empirical Measurement of Outcomes
  • E. Continuous Communication with Care Team
  • F. Focus on Resident Health

From our extensive network of specialized psychologists and social workers, to our focus on the individual mind, body, and spirit, WellQor operates solely with the patient’s well-being in mind.

The WellQor Way

Aging can often be difficult, and some seniors have to find ways to cope with changes that come with age. This includes health, finances, and social issues.

WellQor’s psychological network supports senior living communities and we are dedicated to helping older adults adjust and cope with problems they may experience. With compassion and support, these service providers offer ideas, resources, and options to help patients age in a place with dignity.

WellQor’s network of providers partner with senior living communities to support specialized evaluation and treatment services to meet the cognitive, emotional, and psychological health of each person.


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