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Tenuta's Deli, Grocery and Liquor Store

100% Local

3203 52nd St.
Kenosha , WI 53144 (view map)
Phone: (262) 657-9001 Website: Hours:

Mon – Thur 9 am – 8 pm
Fri & Sat 9 am – 9 pm
Sun 9 am – 5 pm

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We're No Secret Anymore!

Have you visited by Tenuta's Deli & Liquors in Kenosha, Wisconsin yet?  We hope you'll have a chance to stop in soon and shop our wide array of specialty foods, deli and culinary products, liquors and beverages.  The list below only begins to describe the variety of fine products we have on our shelves!

Another great reason to visit Tenuta's Deli:  Summertime is the perfect time to relax in our pleasant outdoor cafe!  Enjoy a savory Tenuta's homemade Italian sausage, or hot dogs, brats and polish sausage, along with the icey cold beverage of your choice.  Our shaded tables offer a cool spot to eat your meal and watch the world go by! 
Our History
In 1920, John N. Tenuta left Italy to seek his fortune in the United States. His dream was to open his own business... and that dream was realized when Tenuta's Delicatessen opened its doors on April 1st, 1950.

Together, John and his wife Lydia ran the small corner store, (at that time just a bit larger than a two-car garage) that served malts and sundaes; it also had a small deli counter and a single aisle to provide grocery items to their customers. In time, John's only son, Ralph, became chief promoter for the store. Since then, a third generation of Ralph's seven children has been involved to various degrees in the operation. All the siblings have helped in the store from the time they were old enough to sort bottles and sweep the parking lot. Today and for the last 15 years, Ralph's son Chris is the current owner.

Over the years the store has been remodeled and expanded several times to accommodate its growing selection of specialty merchandise.  Today, things  have certainly changed, but our commitment to quality and the best possible customer service has always remained the same.


The nearby interstate has this place posted as an attraction and there's a great reason why...this place is incredible. Every time I travel to Wisconsin, I always stop by Tenutas. Unbelievable and affordable cheese selection, a wide variety of regional microbrews, and very friendly staff. Major cities crave for a delicatessen half as good as Tenutas.
When I visited Wisconsin for the first time, I was told that I needed to visit Tenuta's. I wish I could have spent my whole vacation inside the store. Next time I'm in Kenosha I'm bringing 10 ice chests and an empty stomach.



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