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Tech Force Computer Service

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2333 Northwestern Ave
Racine , WI 53404 (view map)
Phone: (262) 515-9499 Website: Hours:

M-F 9 am – 5 pm
Closed Sat & Sun
Other Times by Appt.

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We Provide Tech Support for Homes and Businesses......

                                 We got IT covered 


* We are Experts in Computer Repair and Maintenance

* We can help you on-site or in our shop

* No Geek Speak Here.......We talk in plain English

* All of our work is warranted for 30 days

* Fast, Easy and Reliable Support-no worries, no hassles


Includes pinpointing the problem, proposing a solution, and estimating the cost to fix it. This service is FREE if you decide to use our services. The charge is applicable only if you decide not to proceed with the repairs. We're also happy to answer a quick question over the phone without charge (5 minute maximum).  Call us directly at 262-515-9499.

Virus Removal and Tune Up 
Symptoms of virus and spyware infections may include major slowness, uncontrollable pop-ups, website redirection, and system crashes. These types of infections are not only annoying, but are a great threat to privacy and may result in identity theft.

During the virus removal process we will scan for and remove virus and spyware infections using multiple, top rated, virus and spyware removal tools. We will also install the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer (free software for residential customers). In some cases the infections cause irreversible damage to the operating system, in which case a System Reinstall would be required (see below).

In addition to a virus removal, we'll perform a computer tune up to reduce security vulnerabilities (prevent re-infection), increase performance, and possibly postpone the need for replacement of an old computer system.

Virus Removal & Tune Up includes the following:

     * Scan the system with multiple virus and spyware removal programs
     * Install the latest operating system updates and security patches
     * Install the latest, top rated, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs
     * Find and remove any suspicious and unnecessary programs
     * Remove unneeded toolbars and background services
     * Clean up and optimize the registry
     * Remove temporary files and other junk to free up disk space
     * Reallocate bad sectors on the hard drive to speed up access and reduce risk of data loss
     * Dust out the insides and wipe down the outside of the computer
     * System evaluation and upgrade recommendations (CPU, RAM, storage)

Installation of New PC 
Includes setup of the new equipment, printer installation, connecting to the Internet, email setup, anti-virus installation, and data transfer from old system to the new one (up to 10GB).  Additional software installation, training, or data transfer from an old system to the new one is billed separately.

Internet Security 
Includes the installing of Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software (free versions are available for residential customers, businesses are usually required to purchase them). We can also setup Internet filtering services for family safety or to minimize employee Internet access to only work related sites.

Windows Reload with Data Backup 
A system reinstall will return your computer to its original condition, same as the day you bought it. We will also preserve all your data. This will give you a fresh start and allow for a complete removal of viruses or other problems that may plague your system.
A system reinstall includes the following:

    * Backup the Old System Documents and Settings (up to 10GB, more data is an extra charge)
    * Format the Hard Drive
    * Install the Operating System
    * Install Drivers (Motherboard, Video Card, Sound Card, Network Card, and Printer)
    * Perform a Complete System Update
    * Install an Anti-Virus Program
    * Restore the Data Backup and System Settings

Please have all original installation CD's available to speed up the reinstall process. Some software may be found on the Internet if you do not have the original CD's.  **This service is performed at the shop.

Hardware Installation & System Upgrades 
Installation of a new computer part such as a printer, scanner, hard drive, memory (RAM), CD/DVD ROM, network card, video card, etc. Includes software and/or driver installation and verification that everything works.

Wireless & Wired Networks 
Includes the setup and configuration of a modem or a router, connecting it to the Internet, and securing the network. This price includes the setup of up to three network devices. Extra charge for each additional device (server, computer, laptop, or printer).

Data Backup 
Creating a backup routine is the most important thing you can do for your data. It's the only sure way to prevent data loss. Do not rely on your equipment, now matter how new it is. Studies have shown that hard drive failures often happen within the first year of use.

Call us, we will save your important files and establish a regular backup routine so you can save your data to CDs, DVDs, a thumb drive, a portable hard drive, or a separate computer system. We can also set you up with an off-site backup service.  You will never have to worry about losing your files again!

Data Recovery 
Accidentally deleted an important file? Have a bunch of music on a dead iPod? We can recover data from a broken computer, a crashed hard drive, or a dead memory card. We are able to recover data 99% of the time. For extensive recovery solutions we may refer you to a service such as Salvage Data or Drive Savers.

We are not liable for data lost during data recovery attempts. We will not proceed with a recovery attempt if we believe it will cause further damage and loss of data. A minimum charge of $80 is applicable for an unsuccessful recovery attempt.


General Tech Support 
We repair desktops, laptops and servers that run on Windows. Some repairs may require that we take the equipment off site and hold it for a day or more. 

No Hidden Costs: Our prices are listed up front. The standard hourly rate is applied to services that do not fall under a Flat Rate.  If you are in need of general consulting or you plan to do a large project, we will simply charge you hourly.

Business Rates start at a higher rate due to higher priority and quicker response times needed.  Optional pre-paid hours are available to businesses at discounted rates

Parts: Hardware and software are sold separately, as needed.


Tech Force is an excellent choice for small businesses!


Many organizations don’t have a budget to have a full time IT person, let alone an entire staff of IT professionals.  Our Tech Force All-Purpose Business IT Plan ensures that you CAN!  We will be your IT Staff.  Just like folks buy insurance for their cars for peace of mind, companies can buy our maintenance plan and know that we are there to partner with them and take care of their technology needs as they arise.  With our quick remote log in tools and pre-pay options, we are a great solution for your IT needs. 


 We offer an All-Purpose Business IT package which keeps your company network and computers running smoothly and help to prevent computer problems before they happen.  If a computer receives proper and regular maintenance, they are less likely to have issues and can add years to its lifetime.

Benefits of having your very own Tech Force Maintenance Plan
 Keep your systems running smoothly
 Regular onsite checkups & proactive maintenance
 Remotely diagnose problems before they occur
 Minimize downtime that causes lost productivity
 Predictable IT budget, minimizing financial surprises
 Peace of mind with a dedicated, experienced technician a call away

Common business network and desktop support provided:
Regular Maintenance
Software crashes
Virus/Malware infections
Installation or setup of new equipment
Internet, email, and network issues
Diagnosing and replacing defective parts/hardware
Rebuilding system software if necessary

Extra information
If you are interested in learning more about our Business IT Maintenance package, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page to set up your account and go over terms.  
This is a great choice for those folks that are going to be consistent clients.
Pay once and do the terms of agreements once.
One receipt of payment at the end of year, if needed.
Business clients are billed at $95 an hour with optional pre-paid discounts as low as $75/hour.
Remote tools available (if your internet is working, we can log in remotely!).
Tech Force accepts credit cards.
Delivery and onsite pick up available!


What Our Customers have to say........


"Very pleased to have my pc up and running like it should. He showed up in the time frame we agreed on, and he went right to work. I was able to keep doing my follow up with clients. I am very technically challenged and he was able to help me get things back on track. He asked questions and let me know about other services available (of which I plan to take advantage of in the future)."
~ Annette L., Racine

"My Tech was very knowledgable about computers, and helped me to more fully understand my computer. I'm so glad that your ad in the phone book caught my eye. I was totally pleased with your service and my technician. He deserves a great amount of praise because he really is a very nice representative of Tech Force. You can be assured that you will receive a high recommendation from me."  ~ Saralee M.,  Racine

"I have been extremely happy with the service. Tech Force has provided exactly what I need when I need it!! What else could I possibly ask for!" 
~Natalie L., Liberty Tax Service, Kenosha

"Working with Tech Force was a dream!! My technicians knowledge & expertise were only overshadowed by his patience with us technologically challenged. I would work with him again any day & wouldn't hesitate to recommend him." ~Beth B., Strobbes Flower Cart, Kenosha

"My technician always does a good job, plus responds quickly--I've recommended Tech Force to a number of friends."   ~ Dave C., South Milwaukee

"My PC Tech was wonderful, a huge help. Not only did he solve our problems with our computer, but he also freely shared his expertise with us. Amazing, thank you! :) Fantastic!"   ~ John B., Racine

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