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Sweet Impact Chocolates

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Sweet Impact  began with a simple belief: Chocolate, of all our creature comforts, should not be a cause of suffering in children. Nearly 70% of the cocoa used to make the chocolate  we purchase in the U.S. comes from countries that depend heavily on child labor, slavery and trafficking. We wanted to be part of solving this problem.

We believe chocolate can and should be a source for good in the world. For this reason, we at Sweet Impact are committed to a few core practices:

Economic Justice - All our chocolate comes from suppliers who use no child labor. For more info, please check out our website.

Sustainable practices - energy use, packaging materials, ingredients… all place a high priority on this. All the way down to those little wooden sample spoons we use at markets. Yep—they are totally compostable! All our plastics are either from recycled materials, biodegradable or reusable materials.

All-natural ingredients - Why mess up amazing chocolate with artificial nonsense? We us organics whenever able, as well as local suppliers of honey, olive oil and seasonings.

Giving back -10% of our sales go to NGO’s in The Ivory Coast  and Ghana that fight human trafficking and work to ensure education for woman and children.



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