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Why Use Consultants/Personal Coaches
• How much time do you spend working-in your business versus on your business? As a leader of your business, assuming you have employees, you should spend 70-80% of your time working on your business. Leaders/management teams within most businesses regardless of size have a completely opposite ratio.
• Working on your business activities are those that improve your business. Working in the business activities are those that keep the wheels on the bus and moving down the road, but don’t make the bus faster, more fuel efficient, a better quality ride or put more customers on the bus.
• Consultants and coaches are focused on helping you work on your business to make it better.
• Effective consulting and coaching help you and your team become highly proficient at working on your business, and achieve extraordinary results beyond what you would achieve if you did the work yourself. At Op-Excellence we set an objective to deliver at least a 5-10x return on our customer’s investment. However, consulting/personal coaching is like chemotherapy….You need it to survive and thrive, but you probably don’t want it every day.
• Knowing how much consulting/personal coaching you need, in which areas and when you need it are key.
• There are likely many aspects of working on your business that are far outside you and your team’s strike zone of proficiency and capability.
• As an entrepreneur/business leader you have demonstrated your advanced knowledge and skill in your professional discipline…The key is to recognize and employ the talents of equally capable people in other professional disciplines you and/or your team are not experts in, but that you would greatly benefit from.
• Even super smart and talented doctors don’t perform surgery on themselves.
• Effective consulting and coaching deliver a fine-tuned balance of supporting you and your team through education, skills development and hands-on design and implementation support combined with ensuring that you and your team own and execute the work.
• The best consultants/personal coaches will make you feel that your new-found success was all from your own ideas and efforts. The truth is good consultants/personal coaches know how to ask the right questions, and provide the right guidance and support, so that you personally discover and own the most optimal solutions for your business.
• At Op-Excellence, we believe no business will achieve and sustain extreme levels of high performance and capability if they don’t own the solutions, develop their continuous improvement capabilities and put in the hard work of getting there.
• The real value of an effective consultant and personal coach significantly improve the capabilities of you and your team to work-on and work-in your business, and help your business achieve higher levels of performance, quicker, more cost effectively and more sustainably than you would if you attempted the work on your own.
• If the consultant or coach have done their job well, they should have worked themselves out of the job they were hired to do.
Business Development Groups
Business Development Groups (BDG) provide a unique approach to peer-based business coaching services. Your personal coach and business owner peers in the BDG are all about helping you and your business achieve transformational improvement, i.e. double-digit improvements, at a self-paced deliberate approach. The what, how and duration of your transformational improvements are collectively determined between you and your personal coach. Your personal coach will spend up to one day working with you and your staff to develop a deep quantifiable understanding of your personal objectives, current state business performance and overall business improvement needs. Together, we will then review the opportunities discovered, and reach a consensus on the transformational improvements to focus on. Finally, your personal coach will work with you to develop the performance metrics, targets and an initial set of actions to begin your transformation journey. Once your performance goals are achieved, the targets are either raised or new, more important, metrics replace the old the metrics, and the improvement process continues through the business development group and one-on-one coaching sessions.
However, before we get to any of these steps, you likely attended a Leadership Development awareness session with your personal coach that introduced you to critical coaching concepts and methodologies that are essential to a high functioning participating member of a BDG. This awareness session is provided at no cost to turbo charge your leadership skills, and demonstrate the value of this program. As you will learn, Trust and the Coaching Process, are two of the most important building blocks in your foundation to create extraordinary leadership, drive sustainable improvement in your business, achieve deeper personal satisfaction and become an effective peer group member. Should you decide to continue with the program, your personal coach will not only provide on-going education during peer group and one-on-one sessions, but will also use this time to build upon your true capabilities and skills as an effective coach and leader.
In addition to achieving your transformational goals, typically within 6-9 months, through the BDG and one-on-one coaching/consulting sessions, this program will also help you:
• Learn and apply the techniques to spend more time working on your business versus in your business
• Create Mini-Me’s that are capable of independently driving and sustaining their portion of the business giving you more personal time to grow your business, develop your team and pursue other interests
• Create practical/proven ideas and solutions to the myriad of problems faced by small-medium sized businesses from peer business owners, invited experts and your highly experienced personal coach
• Learn how to successfully implement a comprehensive daily management system that is used by the highest performing companies in the world to continuously improve and sustain the transformation gains
• Develop true servant leadership capability in yourself and others in your management team
• Build a trusted peer advisory network that understands you, your business and the tools and methods required to coach, solve problems and drive high impact financial, operational and cultural results
How would you characterize the daily execution of your business? Is it more like a fast pace reactive professional hockey team or a precision choreographed ballet? The capability to do either well at certain times is important, but precision ballet is likely what you would prefer most of the time. How often is your team executing with the precision of a ballet company? At Op-Excellence, we help you work towards that level of flawless performance targeting at least a 5-10x return on your investment.
To learn more about how a personal coach and becoming a BDG member can help you and your business achieve these results, please contact David Dubinsky at Op-Excellence to register for one of our Leadership Development awareness sessions. These sessions are valued at $250.00, but are offered at no charge or obligation to business owners that are serious about wanting to improve their business. We look forward to see you at an upcoming session.
David Dubinsky
Cell: 262-210-3283
David is the President and Founder of Op-Excellence, LLC a management consulting, executive coaching and business transformation services firm founded in February 2002. In November 2018 , he launched a Business Development Group service to help small-medium sized business owners achieve high impact business results and greater personal satisfaction of their businesses through peer-based advisor networks, hands-on coaching and consulting support.
David specializes in Operations Excellence business solutions that include delivering consulting, coaching and transformation services in Business Strategy, Leadership Development, Lean Manufacturing/Service, Six Sigma, Daily Management, Supply Chain/Procurement Optimization, Maintenance Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management and Organizational Development. Each of the 15 transformations David has led, have focused on delivering high impact results which meet four distinctive criteria:
- dramatic double-digit improvements in 3 or more of the following: conversion cost reduction, revenue generation, customer satisfaction, lead time reduction, inventory reduction, quality improvement, overall equipment effectiveness, and/or productivity;
- development of an internal operations excellence improvement team & infrastructure;
- creation of a robust continuous improvement leadership capability/culture; and
- at least a 5x-10x return on investment.
In David’s 30 plus year career as a management consultant and coach he was a Sensei for Simpler/JWA Consulting where he led several hospital and industrial lean transformations. He was also Vice President of the North American Industrial practice for Kepner-Tregoe where he helped to grow the practice by 25% within the first year. Prior to joining KT, David held the following consulting roles: Director of Tefen USA, Principal at GP Deltapoint, and a Manager at Coopers & Lybrand Consulting for both the US and Korean practices. David was also a Corporate Lean Transformation consultant at the Case Corporation, where he co-designed and co-led the worldwide implementation of the Case Production System; and a Factory Automation Consultant for Samsung Electronics in Korea.
David has served many prominent organizations to include: Boeing, GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, ABB, Eaton, Hertz, Heinz, PPG, NCR/AT&T, Citibank, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Motors, LG, Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power, Schneider Electric, Michelin, Bausch & Lomb, Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, Ivax Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories, Guidant, Stanford Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the San Diego Naval Medical Center. David holds an MS degree in Human Resources Management Systems from Chapman University and a BS degree in Computer Studies from the University of Maryland. David is a speaker at local, regional and national professional association events, and is a co-author of the book: Driving Operational Excellence.



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