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O'Brien Tire

100% Local

4800 Old Green Bay Rd
Mount Pleasant , WI 53403 (view map)
Phone: (262) 554-8810 Website: Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 9 am – 6 pm
Wed 1 pm – 6 pm

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About O'Brien Tire Sales

Established in Racine, WI, located where Taylor Ave. turns into Old Green Bay Rd. 
O'Brien Tire Sales offers exceptional services and attention to detail that consumers are looking for.
Our employees are highly-skilled and love what they do! Between my Dad and I we have over 80 years of tire experience!
We're trained to recognize the needs of the vehicle and the customer, the results that you get will exceed your expectations.

Hi, I'm Mark. My mom and dad started O'Brien Tire Sales in 1967 with the simple motto of Quality. 
The early years were great because customers expected quality and we delivered. 
The later years here have been difficult. Mom is gone and Dad is getting older, But we still demand Quality!
Unfortunately, most people just want Cheap! And cheap tires are just what they are... Cheap.
No mileage, out of round, unbalanceable, slippery tires. We refuse to sell these. 
But be reassured our prices are still competitive and our workmanship is second to none.
Every New tire we sell for your car, truck, or van goes through an exacting process we call tire matching.
Making the tire and wheel combination perfectly round and true to the bolt pattern.
For every tire we sell, we do everything necessary to make sure it is rolling right for your vehicle. 
From inspecting that the seals of the beads and valves are holding air,
to measuring and correcting the run-out of every tire and wheel so that everything
is rolling straight and true before we put them on our top rated computer balancer. 
This way we have a 100% track record for making every vehicle free from all tire and wheel vibrations.
Vibrations which would prematurely wear your vehicles suspension, and not to mention, provide an uncomfortable ride.
We handle all major brands of New tires available. Of course we have our favorites that are made here in America.
If your car is unique, O'Brien Tire is the place for you. We have tires for virtually every vehicle you can think of.
Antique Tires, Motor Homes, Trailer Tires, Muscle and Racing Cars, ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Wheel Barrel and even Bob Cats!
But if you're car is older and is in need of just a used tire or two, we have a large stock used tires and wheels.
Every used tire has been thoroughly inspected for leaks and imperfections.
And we will mount our used tires with the same attention to detail for no extra cost. 
Finally, if you were unfortunate enough to get a nail in your tire, don't worry.
Every tire repair patch we have done has outlasted the life of the tire with 100% satisfaction.
We strive for perfection. My Dad and I are Tire Specialists. 
Here at O'Brien Tire Sales, we make every attempt to provide all the options to fit your needs.
We have access to a massive inventory of Tires and Wheels that will get you back on the road again.
Do not hesitate to contact us today. My Dad, Al, or me, Mark are ready to get you cruising down the road in Style.


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