We accept physical donations or you can make a cash donation via credit card, check or cash.  You can use the link below to donate through PayPal.  You can also mail a check or stop on by.

We’re located in the Portraits Now / Graphics, Inc. building at 7865 Green Bay Road, Kenosha, WI 53142.  We accept donations between the hours of 10am to 5pm,  Monday through Friday, and Saturday, 10am to 3pm.


My Foster Kids Foundation was founded when we got our first foster kids.  It was simply a respite care weekend.  For those of you that don’t know what respite is, it’s kinda a mini-vacation for the full time foster parents.  A respite parent would take the foster kid(s) for the weekend to give the full time ones a break.  Or if they have something they have to do that the foster kids cannot go to.  Typically an out-of-state trip.

Anyway, we were the lucky recipients of a 6 year old and 6 month old.  Now, we have 2 teenage daughters, so the diaper thing was long gone.  But we quickly realized that first of all, we had no way to get the baby home.  Tracked down a car seat.  Once we got home, we had no place to put the baby.  Tracked down a pack-n-play.  Toys for the 6 year old?  Nope.  Luckily we had a small bag of toys someone had graciously dropped off at our office.  In this bag was Iron Man toy.  It would have been a long weekend had we not had Iron Man.  (Thanks Stephanie!)

We spent the weekend with our kids and the 2 foster kids, kinda re-living 14 years ago.  It was fun.  We made up a lot of games and things to do with the kids.  It was awesome.

Shortly after that weekend, we got our first permanent placement.  This one showed up with nothing.  And I mean nothing.  No toothbrush, hairbrush, jacket, or anything.  It was winter and no winter coat.  Off to a Wal-Mart midnight shopping trip.  Took the whole family and got the necessities.

Well, shortly after this is when we came up with the idea of a foundation that would take donations for foster children.  Similar to a Goodwill type things, but focused on helping the kids.  The monetary donations will help with gas and expenses to collect items from other drop points.  No one takes any salary.  100% goes to helping the kids.

So, if you can help out, please do.  Please donate online, or drop off items at Portraits Now and Graphics, Inc. in Kenosha.  We thank you in advance!!