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About Lakeside Curative Services

Lakeside Curative Services is a non-profit organization that provides vocational rehabilitation services and opportunities for Racine area citizens with disabilities.

Lakeside Curative Services believes in work. It is a place where vocational rehabilitation participants are equipped for success; a place where an individual’s vocational strengths are identified and developed. Participants are assisted in reaching their highest employment potential. Whether in competitive employment or working for Lakeside Curative, the organization’s goal is to supply jobs to workers with disabilities.



Working to develop the lives of people with disabilities— 

Lakeside Curative Services


Katherine “Katie” Batten and Meg Gleave in 1965Founder and first executive director of Curative Workshop of Racine, Katherine “Katie” Batten served on the board of directors until 1989.

She is shown here in 1965 with Meg Gleave, the organization’s first vocational director.  Katie's realization of helping people with disabilities help themselves has provided over 50 years of service to the local community's citizens and businesses.



LCS (formerly Curative Workshop of Racine) is a non- profit vocational rehabilitation center which was established in 1949 and opened its door in 1951. Its founders, Katherine Batten and the Junior League of Racine, developed the center to provide occupational and physical therapy to Racine residents. Within ten years the facility grew to include vocational rehabilitation services for the community. Curative was the first organization in Racine to offer vocational programming, thereby matching the need for rehabilitation services with the labor needs of area businesses.


Today, LCS supports the principle that "talent has no boundaries" and the organization is focused on integrated employment as the ideal vocational outcome for individuals with disabilities. In addition to integrated and supported employment;  LCS offers prevocational skill development and day services as well as continuing to offer vocational assessments, work adjustment training and services for youth through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). We are also pleased to have a contract with Racine County to provide janitorial services at the Workforce Development Center. The site employ individuals with and without disabilities.



LCS will continue its rich tradition of  providing quality, responsive and creative services for citizens with disabilities in Racine County. As an organization we will focus on community employment and on offering relevant prevocational and day services that help participants build skills that will lead them toward enjoying greater independence and community engagement. 


There are many ways to get involved at LCS. Our LCS Connect program is always looking for an extra pair of hands to assist in helping with arts and crafts projects or to just read a book. In the Spring the participants in the LCS Connect program will be planting their garden and with that comes a lot of caring for their garden.

LCSs volunteer agreement

Obtain a printable PDF form here.  Initial where indicated, sign, and return to LCS.


LCS understands that not everyone is able to volunteer their time or services.  Donations are another great way to get involved.

Pave the way

Help pave the way to our Greenhouse by purchasing an engraved brick.

Wish list donations

For your convenience, we put together a "Wish list". 

Special Events


LCS has three fundraisers during the year.  If you would like to be on a list of callers, we will contact you for our next fundraiser.  Please email [email protected].


Community based programing

 Integrated employment

Competive employment

Work experience

Job coaching

LCS Connect

LCS Connect

LCS Connect Calendar



Prevocational Services

 Pre-vocational services


Skills training

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

Vocation futures training


Work adjustment training 


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