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Jenna and Her Mom Coaching & Training

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The mere act of your body and mind sailing effortlessly through all things physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and cognitive is your body saying, “I am happy.”

When your body is not happy it speaks to you by way of symptoms – a physical or mental feature – a clue – your body is asking for your attention and action.

Our Take A Closer Look to Flip Anxiety on its Side workbook is designed to get you out of your head and into your body.

Passion and Mission of this Mother/Daughter Duo

You have a clear vision for your life, your career, and your relationships, but something is in the way.

Something you can’t control. Maybe it’s a secret you protect and hide from others, especially friends, teachers, co-workers. You fear if they find you out, know you are limited because of social anxiety, they will view you differently, even limiting or avoiding extending invitations.

Maybe you were told that pharmaceuticals and talk therapy were your only options for taking the edge off, but the side effects are unbearable, or they just don’t work.

Maybe you were told, “You have to work harder to manage the anxiety.” If effort only matched results.

If all this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place.

Social anxiety is debilitating, exhausting, and prevents us from the relationships, career, and life we know we’re capable of. Years ago, that’s where we were; my daughter struggling to live well and me, struggling to help her– each in a dark place with little light ahead. With research, observation, I applied what I studied, what I observed, what I learned, and I found holistic, simple answers that worked to flip Jenna's social anxiety on its side, giving her a chance to live life on her terms!

Today, our number one mission is reaching back into that space of social anxiety and leading others to the life they are meant to live.

At Jenna and Her Mom Coaching & Training, you will find combined deep empathy and functional medicine principles to uncover and alleviate your social anxiety. It’s all rooted in science and experience – a firm understanding of body, mind, and spirit and how paying close attention will release anxiety's hold on you.

The Social Anxiety on Its Side™ workshops and LimitlessYOU™ coaching system were developed to change minds and lives by exposing what drives the waves of anxiety and overwhelm by teaching, supporting, and guiding the practical, easy lifestyle habits that make things simple again, for many, the first time.

We have felt what you’ve felt. We have lived what you are living. The LimitlessYOU & LimitlessYOU TRIBE coaching & training provides a safe place for you to learn, grow, know health and holistic real treatment options that you have probably not heard of yet, so that you, or the loved one you are championing, can feel like themself again, or like my daughter, the real her for the first time.

LimitlessYOU™ TRIBE prepares parents, spouses, those championing their anxious loved one to move the needle toward healing so that goals and dreams become reality, releasing both sufferer and the supporter from the narrowing grips of fear, overwhelm, limits.

Through coaching, you are gently guided toward identifying best options, steps, new habits and holistic treatments so you get the results you want and can finally live the life you crave. Psychiatric Pretenders are exposed, giving you an immediate upper hand. Nobody taught us. We are here so that you can know.

You deserve to live and enjoy the life you know is waiting for you. 

You will never again have to wake up to a noisy head, feeling tired and unmotivated throughout the day, or exert endless effort to show up only to be worn out trying. Instead, your body, your mind, your family, your work will thrive, all supporting your vision and your dreams.

LimitlessYOU™ and LimitlessYOU™ TRIBE supports you until your goals are met.

With Jenna and Her Mom coaching & training, you’re not alone. Together, YOU will succeed!

We Are Honored To Be By Your Side. 


~Jenna and Debbie




Step by step, we show you how to identify and interpret your unique body language, flushing out the psychiatric pretenders that are making a mess out of your life and thwarting your goals.


Your starting place is in your story.

With observations and the right interpretation, it becomes easy to set the Right-For-YOU system and strategy in place, so you can get to and love the life, passions, and goals you know are meant for you.

❖ Is it time to shift into control of your anxiety, but you can’t do it alone?
❖ Want to work with a passionate team who was exactly where you are not so long ago?

You know how you want to live your life and even though you have tried everything, seen many doctors or the best doctors, invested thousands or tens of thousands on their treatments, you’re still not waking up to the best morning and best energy you need.

You know if someone could show you, step by step, how to identify and treat the real drivers of your anxiety you could finally take control and begin shedding your plaguing symptoms.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels, freezing with indecision or jumping frantically from one strategy to the next, only feeling worse with hope flattening and possibilities passing you by because you are just too anxious or worn out to enjoy them, then it’s time to do something differently.

We are here to help.

LimitlessYOU is a game changing, illuminating, 21st century, eye-opening, six-week coaching program, designed specifically to help you get what you want most: to wake up every morning with command of calm, focus, motivation, and ease.

Jenna & Her Mom Coaching & Training is here so social anxiety can never again steal a life.


Learn more and get started here.


Here are some ways to stay in touch with us:


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  • Coaching eGifts

And of course, we'd love for you to connect with us on Social Media. See our links below.


~ Debbie



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Give the Gift of Coaching! (eGift Options)


Let’s Coach That:

The Solution-Focused Coaching that enriches lives…
one hour at a time.

Show them how much you care and give the gift of Clarity & Success!

Need a unique and meaningful gift for a loved one, friend or colleague?
Do you want to deliver a touching appreciation to someone?
Looking to send a personal gift that will make a lasting difference in someone’s life?

The Let’s Coach That Solution-Focused Coaching eGift is your solution for presenting a meaningful gift that will not soon be forgotten.

Life is fast. It can be fun and exciting, but it can also be chaotic and stressful. When the stress part leans away from balance, life can get confusing. It’s time to Press Pause to refresh one’s perspective.  


PAUSE - a short period in which something such as a thought,

a decision, or an activity is stopped before starting again.


>> Is the teen in your life nervous about entering their first year of college, uncertain about what to major in, how to set up their schedule for success? Are they anxious about how they will balance school, work, social life, all while trying to navigate new surroundings?

>> Or maybe your friend is on the fence about a big move or a job change, and you want to gift an hour of clarity for their birthday or job anniversary or just to say, “I am thinking of you”, making this next year their best year ever.

>> Is someone you care about struggling with chronic fatigue or anxiety and finding it impossible to unlock their health for a better future? The Let’s Coach That eGift is the perfect choice for saying “I Care”. Jenna and Her Mom Coaching are the anxiety on its side experts!

GIVE THE GIFT OF TRANSFORMATION & CHANGE A LIFE with Clarity & Growth three hour coaching.

Every person holds so much power within themselves. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and then, the greatest things can happen.

GIVE THE GIFT OF GROWTH & SUCCESS with Solution Focused one hour coaching.

Coaching is a dynamic tool and resource that can make the difference in one’s life, giving him/her the edge in finding clarity and purpose, develop the confidence and skills to become empowered to make positive change that will be the catalyst for moving them forward.


Clarity & Growth Coaching (the favored gift for BEST value & success)- $249.00

Gift Three (3) 60-minute coaching sessions
via a phone call or private video conferencing platform
(Zoom is easy and free to download on any computer)

Your loved one will know clarity, empowerment and be ready to
embrace positive change per their topic of choice,
taking a deep dive into important areas of their life.

Buy Now!


Solution-Focused Coaching - $110.00

Gift a one time, 60-minute coaching session
via a phone call or private, video conferencing platform 
(Zoom is easy and free to download on any computer)

In this hour, your loved one will have the opportunity to sort out
where they are and where they want to be, address the concerns and 
challenges that are holding them back and end the session with clarity
and first steps defined for moving in the direction of their dreams and goals.
Don’t be surprised if your giftee thanks you profusely, 
as clarity can keep on giving!

Buy Now!



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