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Locally Owned Franchise

6914 Green Bay Rd
Kenosha , WI 53142 (view map)
Phone: (262) 607-8232 Website: Hours:

Mon – Fri 6 am – 8 pm
Sat 9 am – 2 pm
Closed Sun

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Revolutionary Fat-loss System Helps Kenosha Men & Women Finally Lose That Extra Weight.

Kickboxers are in incredible shape. They have toned abs... slender muscles... and great definition. The question is - how do you get that great body without competing in fights?

Our program took the same exercises that pro kickboxers use to get lean & toned - and made them available to ANYONE looking to burn fat...

That’s why in every class, you’ll do amazing conditioning... And have a TON of fun punching & kicking the fat right off your body!

KickBoxing is The Hottest Workout!

What Is iLoveKickboxing?

‘So fun it’s addicting!’

iLoveKickboxing is what happened when we took the workouts that get professional fighters so fit... and made them accessible to ANYONE looking to get in awesome shape.

But we didn't stop there.

We added loud, energizing music to get your heart racing... passionate instructors who really care about you, motivate you every step of the way... and a community of support and friendship lifts you up when you're feeling down.

It's the total package. Get started today at our Kenosha iLoveKickboxing studio and see for yourself!

The iLoveKickboxing Formula

Are you ready to transform your body?

Warm Up

We start off classes with a flurry of awesome exercises like squats, lunges, jumping squats, double lunges, pushups, burpies, ab work, and more to get you loose & ready!


Now that your body is warm and limber - we stretch out those muscles to make you feel great, prevent injury, and help you perform the kickboxing moves like a total champ.

Bag Work

Now it's time to strap on your gloves and punch and kick those calories right off of your body. (Don't worry about getting your own gloves - we give you brand new ones for FREE!)

Partner Drills

This part of class always gets tons of laughter and smiles. You'll team up with a fellow member and have fun with exciting drills that get you both burning calories and having a blast.


Now that we're getting near the end of class - we finish off with more awesome exercises that burn calories, tone muscle, and make you feel GREAT. A full-body workout.

Cool Down

We got your heart beating like crazy throughout the entire class. Now it's time to cool you down and help you relax so you can go back home feeling simply awesome.


Local Rewards

Reward Details: Use coupon code RelyLocal on the for the Kenosha website to get 50% off any of our online trial packages. Restrictions apply (Expires: Never)


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