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Heavenly Spirit offers All Natural Health and Wellness Modalities that help Create more Positive Energy, Deep Relaxation, Inner Peace, Healing, Security, Confidence & Love. Sacred Drumming & Reiki Energy is a Profound Natural Healing Experience. Balance Your Energy, Your Chakras & Your Life Through Heavenly Spirit. Drum Reiki is administered by energy transference based on the principle of uninterrupted energy flow.
Techniques such as this have been practiced for thousands of years. It helps to activate the natural healing processes in the mind, body and spirit. Many people feel immediate benefits from just one Drum Reiki Session. We suggest those with chronic, long-term, or deeply rooted issues to please consider a series of Reiki Sessions or ongoing Reiki until symptoms improve.
Available By Appointment Only Thank You. Please contact Tiffany to book your session. Cell: 847-791-3445 Email: [email protected]
Services we offer: * Sacred Drumming & Reiki Energy Healing for deep inner peace, stress reduction and relaxation. *Crystal Therapy to enhance natural healing *Aura Cleansings to help remove negative energy *Chakra Tune Ups to create more Peace & Joy *Copper Pyramid Sessions for deep relaxation *House Clearings to remove unwanted or stagnate Energies & unusual paranormal activities. *Intuitive Channeling for Messages & Guidance. ***House Clearing & Energy Cleanse House Clearing to remove negative, stuck or unwanted energy plus an Energy Cleanse for the clients to detach energy they can’t seem to shake off otherwise. ***Copper Pyramid Meditation Session ♡Copper Pyramid Experience ♡Sage ♡Aura Cleansing ♡Essential Oils ♡Mother Earth Crystals ♡Sound Meditation ♡Sacred Drumming ♡Reiki Healing ♡Intuitive Reading. ***Drum Reiki Session Reiki is a Japanese technique for Stress Reduction and Relaxation that also promotes a customized Profound Healing. A Session includes Sound Therapy with the Sacred Drum & Aura Cleansing. ***Online Reiki Session Distance Reiki Healing & Intuitive Reading. ***Chakra Tune Up This is a mini Reiki Session.
Benefits Of Using A Copper Meditation Pyramid •Lowering your blood pleasure •Have More energy •Detoxifying your blood •Feel healthier •Reduce stress •Find inner peace •Removes negative thoughts and toxins •Feel more relaxed and calm •Brings your self and soul awareness •Transforms anger to compassion •Focus more •Helps you focus and concentrate •Creates harmony with all living being •Have clarity of mind •Become non-violent and peaceful •Transcends ego to politeness •Feel balanced
Drumming has a remarkable number of positive effects on your health. Drumming Improves Brain Health. Drumming Improves Mental Health. Drumming Improves Physical Health. Benefits of Drumming Include Healing, Deep Relaxation, Reducing Pain & Stress Management. If reducing stress wasn't enough, drumming can also help reduce pain, sometimes even chronic pain. This is also due to the release of endorphins, which are the natural painkillers. It is also known that drumming can help provide healing from grief and trauma.


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