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Family Strong Wellness

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Wellness Solutions For Life™ with Family Strong Wellness

At  the heart of Family Strong Wellness are Sunday and Jody  Muniz. Both are board certified nutritionists, award-winning  pharmacists, and most importantly, busy parents to three active kids,  including a set of twins.  Sunday and Jody started Family Strong Wellness when they discovered their knowledge of pharmacy and  nutrition, coupled with their desire to empower people, could positively  impact the lives of their family, community and beyond.  It was  important that their love of teaching be an intricate part of their  business philosophy.  Family Strong Wellness is their outlet  to enable you to take control of  your families health as they did for  their own family.

As  young pharmacists, both Sunday and Jody were separately recognized for  their significant contributions to professional pharmacy organizations  and for their dedication to the contemporary practice of pharmacy. Their  devotion to inspiring health and wellness led them away from the chain  pharmacy where they began their careers to opening a family owned and  locally operated pharmacy and wellness store. This was their chance to  make a difference.  The couple found it important to not only service  prescriptions but also offer synergistic methods of addressing health  concerns on a personal level.  In other words, they wanted a completely  different business format from the large chains; health is personal, and  so would be Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy.  Operating as family  owned and locally operated has allowed the freedom to help with your  whole health needs through direct personal attention and authentic  advice, often with powerful results.

As  devoted parents actively involved in their children’s lives, Sunday and  Jody can relate to your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle. Through  Family Strong Wellness, they are able to share their  personal philosophies for wellness solutions by which they themselves  live. The two deeply value our community, and enjoy connecting with  others to communicate findings in health, wellness and nutrition in  interesting and accessible ways. They show their dedication to your  families wellbeing through a series of free cooking demonstrations,  health programs and a newsletter that addresses current and useful  information. They even offer free advice through their “Ask the Experts” page when you may be too pressed for time or even a little too  embarrassed to ask in person.

It is their compassion and eagerness to assist you in simplifying health  and wellness ideals that creates the perfect balance between the  nurturing feel of the family owned business and the professionalism of a  full scale pharmacy and wellness store. Sunday and Jody’s commitment to  using complementary efforts in nutrition, pharmacy and wellness has  resulted in the perfect solution for your health in a warm and welcoming  atmosphere. Stop in today to discover answers to your health questions  and why Family Strong Wellness provides Wellness Solutions for Life®.

Personal Attention

Family owned and founded by award winning pharmacists, Family Strong Wellness offers a unique approach to pharmaceutical and wellness solutions. Our certified pharmacists are not only trained to answer any questions about the risks and side effects of prescriptions, but also offer assistance regarding the best way for you to alleviate side effects through supplements and lifestyle changes. We address every customer’s issues and questions with unparalleled guidance, and with recommendations for the best way to mitigate side effects based on each person’s unique health concerns.

Total Wellness Solutions

We understand that every person experiences supplements differently. We take into account that people are unique and tailor our health advice to each individual body and lifestyle. We strive to counter the effects of prescriptions in order to decrease future use, and lessen negative side effects. As both a pharmacy and nutrition store, we are able to advise on different approaches to combining medicine and nutrition, and how properly balancing the two can maximize your health.

Not only do we have a full service pharmacy, extensive nutritional products and body care lines, we offer free seminars such as: Build a Natural Medicine Cabinet and Ultimate Nutrition Follow Up.  We also have free cooking demonstrations including: Delicious & Dairy Free or We Love Sweets!  Healthy Alternatives. All our programs are designed to educate in a fun and interesting format that can easily be incorporated into busy lives. We may start as your pharmacy, but as you get to know us we can help change your life!

Wellness Solutions for Life

Family Strong Wellness takes a different approach to total  body health from a holistic and nurturing standpoint. We are not just a  full service pharmacy, but also a wellness solution to every type of  lifestyle.

We carry only the highest quality natural and organic  supplements and products, employ the most compassionate and  knowledgeable staff, and maintain our family owned and operated feel  amidst the substantial range of quality products. Our passion and  commitment to health and wellness solutions are extended to our  customers through product offerings, free seminars, cooking courses,  support groups, and community involvement.

Nutritional Supplements

Family Strong Wellness maintains a superior standard for our nutritional products and supplements. To ensure our wellness   products are organic, safe, and effective, we research the ingredients,   strengths, companies, manufacturing process, and consistency of every   product on our shelves. It is our duty to provide the best wellness   solutions for our customers and we are dedicated to staying informed of   industry changes to make certain we carry only the highest quality  products.

Whether you are looking to prevent illnesses, cure an  infection or reduce a fever, we carry an extensive selection of  pharmaceutical grade supplements that will help you get your health on  track safely and effectively. We live by our approach to holistic  wellness, and only provide our customers with the same high quality,  organic and healthy products that we would offer our family.

Bath + Body

Our solutions for wellness encompass the whole body, and we believe  that what you put on your body is equally as important as what you put  in it. Maintaining one’s inner organs seems to come naturally for most  people, while many have little understanding of how to care for their  largest organ. Your skin, hair and nails deserve the same level of  respect as the rest of you.

Our comprehensive of bath and  body products cover all of the bases! For men seeking a natural and  soothing shave gel, our shelves are stocked with Aubrey Organics Men’s  Shave Gel. We carry 3 different organic skin care lines for babies,  including Weleda Baby and Organic Baby, as babies are prone to skin  irritation from products containing unnatural ingredients. From hair  loss to sun burns and rashes to every day skin care, Nutritional Designs  & Pharmacy offers organic bath and body products for every member  of the family.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest  regard for the quality and ingredients that go into our all-natural bath  and body products. You won’t find anything on our shelves that contains  unnatural perfumes or harmful irritants. We carry only all-natural,  organic bath and body products that will keep you looking healthy, while  feeling healthy!

Live well. Be well.

If you are seeking a  solution for a healthier lifestyle, come in and let our helpful staff  steer your health and wellness in the right direction!

Our passion for health and dedication to living well extends beyond our store and into our community in an effort to influence and support healthy lifestyles. The owners and staff at Family Strong Wellness feel it’s important to introduce new and innovative ways to thrive through wellness. We make it a priority to educate people on how to keep their health on track through a variety of free programs that facilitate lifelong wellness.

Family Strong Wellness takes a holistic approach to natural synergy. Our commitment to health and wellness extends beyond our products by offering free seminars and cooking demonstrations that provide interactive experiences to promote lifelong healthy living. As advocates for natural solutions, our goal is to advise you in incorporating our tips and teachings seamlessly into your lifestyle. Our nutritionists are eager to share their knowledge allowing you to take charge of your health. We offer these programs at no cost because it benefits our customers and community, so come join us!

Local Rewards

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