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Cubit Social began as a social media management company, eventually adding direct response copywriting to it’s services. In order to take advantage of all the avenues by which it’s clients can grow even more, Cubit Social is now a fully formed digital marketing agency. The range of services have increased, but the commitment and dedication to Cubit’s clients still remain. Contact Cubit to watch your brand grow.

Meet Fyne

One of the best things I’ve heard, comes from one of my favorite novelists. That the things that give life meaning, are found in the immaterial. The things we cannot see or touch.Bring that into branding, and marketing, and you understand why that makes things tricky. There is math to the game, but it’s not just that. It’s something more. Recognizing that, has informed the way I relate to my clients, and the way I help my clients relate to their audience.

I am a highly trained, and constantly evolving digital marketer. Starting with extensive training in social media management, I have helped clients grow their brand by increasing and enhancing the relationships they have with their audience.

I am also an AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) trained copywriter. AWAI is easily the highest authority on all things copywriting. The Accelerate Copywritng Program (which I completed), is easily considered the best copywriting program out there, period. That means that by completing that program, I am more qualified than 90% of copywriters out there. In short, you’d have to search the top ten percent of copywriters to find one that knows what I know. It is no surprise that many companies only hire copywriters that came out of AWAI.

I have also expanded my expertise in SEO marketing, web design, youtube marketing, email marketing, Google adwords, and many more.

This all brings us back to what’s most important. What my extensive training has taught me is the importance of you. The client. I am here to offer you my best, so that you can offer your best to the world.

Let’s begin that journey here.





So we’ve given you a brief rundown on the copywriting side of things. For a quick recap, a copywriter uses written copy (web or print) to highlight the benefits of what you have to offer, in such a way that it reaches your intended audience. This has to be done in a way that effectively persuades them to take the action you desire them to take.

Now, on to the other thing that I do. Social media management.

A social media manager, is the guy (or gal) you give the login info to your social media account, and then bounce. About a week later, you can then expect the fans to start pouring in. This should of course translate into sales no later than a month, in which case, the methodology should be so clear to you, that you would then be able to teach your own social manager how to do his job, since it’s seriously simple enough that you can’t figure out why you’re even paying him for this. And then…

Whoa! Sorry about that guys. I was having a flashback to the issues I have with some of my prospects. The good thing though is, I’ve gotten that out of the way. And since you we’re lucky enough to read this, you now know one of the things NOT to do.

Now that I’ve shaken that off, let’s get into it for real.

Social media management (at least at the pro level) is simple to summarize, which ironically makes it an uphill battle conveying how valuable this aspect of branding is. Most of that problem comes from the misconception that simple means easy.

That is a subject I will tackle in another posting on this series (which will be ongoing after this posting), but for now…

A social media manager (smm) in short, manages your social media (see? Simple). He grows the size of your social media platform, and weaves a strategy that keeps the interest of your audience focused on the appeal of your brand, whether directly or indirectly (see? Not easy).

A social media presence is important for obvious reasons. It is where people spend the most of their time online now. It’s what even catching up to (if it hasn’t already surpassed) checking emails as the first thing people check when they hit their keyboards. This is essential for your brand, because to see growth, you want to be where the people are.

Social media managers help businesses establish a marketing presence in a cost-effective, yet approachable way. A large chunk of the market is on there, and it’s easy to communicate with them. A social media manager (smm) in a sense, presents the interactive face of his client, to the community around him. He does this with an invisible hand that engages the market, which allows the client the freedom and the time to focus on actually running the business.

Your smm is the guy who posts content on profiles, co-ordinates them according to timing, audience, etc, and engages the audience in their questions, shout-outs, and even complaints. So your smm would tell you why a certain idea should probably work, or not work on your profiles. If in any case it does get posted, and it causes some negative feedback, your smm is the guy who handles that stuff.

Your smm is the reason why you don’t have to be social ALL THE TIME with your market. Not that you have anything against them of course. It’s just that you have work to do. But your enterprise must still be open to the public.

That my friends, is the simple explanation. Notice I focused on the technical stuff. In the next post, I’ll tell you why it’s fun to have a social media platform that works.

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No one client is the same. The uniqueness of each person, and the uniqueness of each individiual need out there is what Cubit Social thrives on. Not every service provided here will be conducive to everyone. So it is highly recommended that you get a free consult before we move ahead. One of the myriad of reasons for that, being that it’s a good way to discover which services to avoid if you don’t need them, or jump on if you do. Hope to hear from you.


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