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Brother 2 Brother


4623 75th St. #4
Kenosha , WI 53142 (view map)
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Brother 2 Brother is a non profit 501(c)(3) organizaton comprised of men who are dedicated to reaching, touching and changing the lives of families in need. B2B desires to impact more lives by showing Love through our covenant relationships and consistent giving. All funds used to maintain this organization are obtained through fundraising events and the donations of caring people.


A Man and the Vision

The Origin of Brother 2 Brother

Danny Claypool, Brother 2 Brother Founder and President, is a man who knows the love and is committed to sharing it with others. Danny was born on November 28, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After growing up in Milwaukee and experiencing many ups and downs, Danny changed his life in 1996. Danny began his time of mentorship and discipleship with Pastor Sandy L. Johnson. Six months passed and Danny moved on to Evanston, Illinois and joined First Church Christian Life Center where Michael Curry was his Pastor and friend.

Over the next several years, Danny experienced some life changing events. He traveled to Israel to see the Holy Land and moved from the Chicagoland area to Boston, Massachusetts. During this time of separation, Danny began to form the vision for Brother 2 Brother. When Danny returned to the Chicagoland area, he began to birth the vision inside of him.

The first meeting had 20 men there. They discussed discipleship, relationships, and their involvement in their local communities. Strong relationships were formed and cultivated over the first year. Men became stronger and more in tune with one another through candid and personal monthly book discussion meetings. As things progressed, Brother 2 Brother became a two fold group where men enjoyed powerful fellowship and wanted to meet the needs of people who were hurting. Although the intentions were great, the group realized that this task could not be completed without the help of partners and friends. Danny, with the help and support of his wife Therese, began to create the organizational structure that would support the collection of funds that would be used to help families. Danny makes no bones about the fact that without his wife taking care of things such as the accounting, letter writing, and other administrative activities his vision would not have come to pass. He truly appreciates the sacrifices his wife made to further the vision.

In the midst of creating the components for Brother 2 Brother, Danny and Therese were blessed with the birth of their son Zach. The birth of his son made Danny realize the importance of Brother 2 Brother even more. At this time Danny joined Life Changers International Church where Pastor Gregory Dickow opened his eyes to the importance of seedtime and harvest and the daily study of the Word. The teaching Danny received from Life Changers led him to asking the members of Brother 2 Brother to give monthly dues as seed into the organization and the brotherly fellowship.

Brother 2 Brother rolled out their partner and sponsor program where funds were solicited from caring individuals for Educational Scholarships (Swing for Scholarships), the Thanksgiving Food Drive, and the Christmas Toy Drive. In the beginning donations only came from families, then Danny began to tap into corporations who were willing to give. Danny worked diligently with ministries and companies to form strong partnerships. Brother 2 Brother has partnered with Jewel Osco (Thanksgiving Dinners) and KB Toys (Christmas Toy Drive). Then affiliations were formed with Living Faith AME Church, Pastor Larry Bullock, Life Changers International Church and the Larkin Center to get dinners, scholarships and toys to needy families.

Danny understands that the faithful, fervent prayers of his parents, Jack and Alzenia Claypool, laid the foundation for all. Little did they know that through all of the mistakes and mishaps, their son would be blessed with the honor of helping people. As Danny serves, he makes sure to remember his brother Kevin Claypool who was killed in August 1995.

Danny lives in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin with his wife Therese and their 2 sons Zach and Aaron.



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