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Black Label Chap...Lip Care for the Awesome

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Your lip balm is done better with us.

Black Label Chap is the pinnacle of lip comfort and protection.
It was created to give you a full sensory experience. (Kissing not included)

Our ingredients:

Black Label Chap lip balm is a truly all-natural blend of some of the most beneficial ingredients found in nature built to nurture your lips.

The principal ingredients of organic, raw coconut oil; organic jojoba oil; and beeswax are renowned for their extensive benefits to skin. Together they soothe, soften, and protect your lips—maintaining their luscious glory.

The essential oils in each blend have been selected for their skin revitalizing properties and their unique and invigorating flavor.
Our formula is noticeably longer-lasting than other lip products—especially those including alcohol or salicylic acid, known to be deliberate drying agents.

Simply Spearmint
Spearmint is a long-time favorite--appreciated for its fresh, uplifting, and chilled fragrance. The aromatic influence of Spearmint helps fight fatigue, and helps support mental alertness. 

Epic Mint
A cool, summery aroma that refreshes your senses.
Basil helps to maintain mental clarity, and even supports memory.
Peppermint is invigorating, tingly, wards off fatigue, and helps you stay at your best.
The philosopher Pliny wrote that Peppermint should be woven into a crown, and worn on the head in order to stimulate the mind and soul.

Carpe Diem
An inspiring aroma.
Lemongrass has a bright fragrance that helps us to increase our positivity, and dispel feelings of negativity.
Clove is a potent and spicy essential oil that has been used traditionally to increase self esteem, and help its user claim his/her own power.

Pure Cinnamon
Cinnamon's exotic, unmistakable aroma supports optimism and motivation. Its aroma is mentally stimulating. Historically it has been used to attract wealth in one's life. It is hard to think that you are anything less than incredible when you wear this unique lip care.

Merciless Fennel
A bright, intriguing blend that encourages your inner power.
Fennel was used by the Egyptians to give courage and boldness.
A spritz of Lime supports us against anxiety, depression, and fatigue.


Provided by Black Label Chap...Lip Care for the Awesome

Lip Care for the Awesome

Always Natural Everything...Never Artificial Anything

Expiration 07/31/2019


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