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Bettina's Therapeutic Massage

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Bettina's Therapeutic massage can help relieve certain common physical problems, and help bring the body back to optimal functioning. General muscular tension and aches, Tension headaches, Muscular back pain, Poor circulation, Stress and anxiety...

Enhances General Health.

Therapeutic massage can be an important component of your health maintenance or wellness plan. It helps keep the body and mind functioning optimally.

  • Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin
  • Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility
  • Improves circulation of blood and lymph
  • Encourages general relaxation
  • Improves immune system functioning
  • Improves energy flow

Alleviates Problem Conditions.

Therapeutic massage can help relieve certain common physical problems, and help bring the body back to optimal functioning.

  • General muscular tension and aches
  • Tension headaches
  • Muscular back pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Stress and anxiety

Supports Your Fitness or Sports Program.

Therapeutic massage can be an important adjunct to a fitness or sports program, helping you achieve your performance goals with minimum injury and pain.

  • Relieves tired and sore muscles
  • Helps improve flexibility
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Speeds recovery from strenuous physical exertion
  • Reduces the anxiety of athletic competition

Combats the Negative Effects of Aging.

Therapeutic massage is effective in combating the negative effects of aging noticed in the middle to late years of life. It helps keep body tissues and basic functions in a more youthful state.

  • Enhances tissue elasticity and joint flexibility
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Promotes healthy vibrant skin
  • Improves immune system functioning
  • Relieves muscle aches and stiffness

Relieves the Effects of Stress.

Therapeutic massage helps balance the effects of stress in our lives, and avoid stress related disease and dysfunction.

  • Triggers the Relaxation Response
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Reduces anxiety level
  • Normalizes blocked energy flow
  • Improves immune system functioning
  • Restores a calm mind and feeling of well-being

Special Cases.

Therapeutic massage can help in certain temporary or long-term situations which cause unique physical and mental challenges.

For mothers-to-be during pregnancy
For infants, especially premature and other developmentally challenged babies
For the disabled, especially those in wheelchairs and others with challenging orthopedic conditions
For the elderly

Complements Other Health Care.

Therapeutic massage is frequently used to enhance the beneficial effects of other types of health care.

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Psychotherapy

Especially Beneficial For…

Care-givers – for those who care for others, for example: mothers and fathers, teachers, recreation leaders, daycare workers, and health care workers of all kinds.

Physical workers – for those who stress their bodies in their work or trade, for example: construction workers, domestic and custodial personnel, truck drivers, postal workers, electricians, plumbers, painters, professional athletes, dancers, and musicians.

Desk workers – for those whose work involves long hours sitting at a desk using a computer, talking on the telephone, at a bench assembling parts, fixing things, or creating works of art.

Travelers – for those spending long hours sitting in an automobile, train or airplane, for example: commuters, sales people, business travelers, and vacationers.

I graduated from Lakeside School of Natural Therapeutics in Milwaukee, WI in September of 1997.  I graduated with a total of 604 hours in class and hands on clinic hours.  I have worked along side Physical and Occupational Therapists in outpatient rehab facilities as well as salon and spa settings.  I am  a member of the AMTA and hold a current certification in CPR with AED.

I believe greatly in the healing power of touch.  I customize each massage to fit the needs of each individual client and individual visit. I specialize in  trigger point therapy, deep tissue & myofascial techniques and use them to both clam and relax. Adding stretching, movement & kneading to provide a restorative, therapeutic treatment that aids in the body’s natural healing process and re-connect the person as a whole.  I use a blend of therapeutic touch and relaxing bodywork to customize the needs of each individual client.

Those who have benefited from my work are: pregnant women, athletes, chronic pain & migraine sufferers & anyone seeking overall wellness of being.I believe greatly in the healing power of touch.  After 17 years in practice I am still learning different techniques through continuing education to better serve my clients.

I moved to Kenosha in 1994, where I live with my husband, Jack, and our two children, Olivia and Jackson and our cat Ebony.

Local Rewards

Reward Details: $20 off any 60 or 90 minute massage or $10 off any 30 minute massage on your first visit, Not valid with other offers or on gift certificate purchases (Expires: Never)

Reward Details: Get a FREE Sugar Scrub Therapy ($25.00 value) for your feet or hands with purchase of a (60) minute massage, (adds 30 minutes to massage), not valid with other offers (Expires: Never)

Reward Details: Buy (5) massages of the same type and duration and get the (6th) same type massage FREE, Not valid with other offers or on gift certificate purchases (Expires: Never)


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