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Awesome Paws Academy

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We can schedule for all 7 days a week. Times for lessons vary.

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We will help you build a trusting and lasting relationship with your pet using positive reinforcement & motivational techniques, with an emphasis on the concept of what we call "naked obedience" so that whether the collar is on or off, your dog responds. We pride ourselves in using science-based techniques (classical and operant conditioning) to help teach your dog the human language - their second language, which makes the leash and collar obsolete. We also use counter-conditioning and de-sensitization to help modify undesired behaviors. From Individual Instruction, Aggression or Anxiety modification, resolving storm phobias, all stages of Obedience, New Puppy Testing, Tracking, Tricks, and more, to Classes and Mini-group sessions at local facilities or recreation areas, to Webinars and Seminars around the area…we can help! Let us help YOU teach your pet some new behaviors, modify old or unwanted ones, all the while strengthening your relationship, establishing clear communication and building trust. Want us to come into YOUR business and hold a Seminar or Fundraising Event? Let us know! We look forward to training with you soon! Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and Join our Facebook Group: Sensible Dog Training Solutions! Happy Training!

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