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Join us in our Alignment Spiritual Community where we chat, enjoy lives, host small readings and much more!!

Stress and Anxiety Support
$50 · 4 hours and up
This is a 3 day program that will look at, explore, and challenge your stressors and anxiety. You will sit down for a one on one discussion that will determine your supports. This program will include a personal Divination or Tarot Reading that will allow insight and guidance to come forth followed by a 30 minute Reiki session to help bring balance and relaxation. After, you will create a plan that will allow you to develop spiritual tools that can continue to assist you in increasing your emotional health and develop your spiritual connections. Continued online support for 2 additional days.


Intuitive Reiki
45.00 · 1 hour and up
Work with me to align your chakras and find support where you need it. Reiki is an ancient energy healing practice that has provided support, balance, relaxation, spiritual and emotional guidance throughout the centuries. In a one on one session, you will have a consultation to discuss areas that need support in the body. This practice supports emotional health, relaxation, stress reduction, physical health, and so much more.


Intuitive Divination Reading
$25 · 30 minutes
Divination has been used as a spiritual tool for centuries in order to help the soul find guidance and balance in life. This session will allow you to understand and work through any struggles posed at this time. Know that divination is a sacred practice and should be utilized for important life changes or obstacles. Your highest self is ready to move forward and guide you to where you are meant to be.


Work Through Your Life Obstacle
Starting at $75 · 3 hours and up
This service is tailored to your needs. We will consult and develop a understanding of the barrier to your goal. Utilizing different methods of spiritual connection such as Tarot, Divination, or Reiki, you will gain the insight you need to your obstacle. Working together we will develop a two week action plan of how to implement the tools you've gained for self discovery deepening your connection to your higher self. This is a one week follow up that will allow you access for continued support throughout this life break through.


Local Rewards

Reward Details: Alignment offers Dream Readings, Reiki Sessions and Private Readings for a unique and uplifting experience. For RelyLocal Rewards Card holders you enjoy 5$ off your 20$ purchase of any session (Expires: Never)


Provided by Alignment

Enjoy $5 off your $20 purchase of any session*

*Alignment offers Dream Readings, Reiki Sessions and Private Readings for a unique and uplifting experience.
( restrictions apply, Contact Alignment today at 262-930-9917 or Through Facebook Alignment business page. Consider Joining our Alignment Spiritual Community as well!! )

Expiration 06/30/2024


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