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Collareta Cycling Inc

100% Local

983 N Nob Hill Rd
Plantation , Florida 33324 (view map)
Phone: 305-821-4431 Website: Social Media


Collareta Cycling was born out of the passion of one man for all things mechanical. He loved everything from cars to common machinery, but most of all, he loved the bicycle. Born in Genova, Italy, Giovanni Collareta later emigrated to Venezuela as he escaped the post WWII devastations in Europe. Giovanni started as a machinist in a construction company that soon gave way for this mechanical prodigy to start building things of his own. With little to his name and absolute necessity to get around this new country, he devised his own and first bicycle from a few spare parts he was able to find at a work site. From the success of his creation, his love for machinery was starting to bloom and the bicycle had become part of his livelihood and passion.

Surprisingly, Giovanni didn’t go into the bicycle production business, however the bicycle always occupied a special place in his heart. Instead, he became a very successful entrepreneur and inventor of many mechanical wonders.

He later passed on this love of mechanics and entrepreneurship to his children and grandchildren, and it is now that his oldest grandchild makes homage with this enterprise. Determined not to forget his words of advice,"I will always remember that hard work and determination is the right way to build something, and if you don’t do things right the first time, it is not worth doing them at all.”


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