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Michelle L Cox

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106 W. Seeboth Street
Milwaukee , WI 53204 (view map)
Phone: (773) 575-8338 Website: Hours:

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I help executives and small business owners level up their leadership which in turn levels up their business and the results they're after.

I'm a Professionally Certified Executive Coach with a proven track record of providing value and leading others to success.  

Learn how we can work together through coaching, workshops, and consulting.

Together, we'll figure out...what your goals and objectives are.  Most leaders come to me with one goal in mind, leveling up their leadership and business results. After we start digging in, most find that there's much more that goes into achieving these goals than meets the eye and we dive in to personal objectives as well.  Well Being, Finances, Relationships, they all come into play.  Why?  Because you're a holistic person.  Your personal success impacts your business success and vice versa.

Let's get both sides talking!  We can accomplish this through coaching, consulting, and organizational workshops.  We'll dig in and create an action plan custom to you and your goals with pivoting as needed.  

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On the fence? First call is on me!

If you're not sure if coaching is right for you - no problem - our first call is free! This allows both of us to not only build our relationship but also to see what you're up to and if coaching would support you. I promise - no sales pitch.

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