How to Win?





Why RelyLocal?

RelyLocal has always been a grassroots movement to rejuvenate local economies. 

We do this by connecting businesses B2B or B2C, whichever they need, to fill the gaps in advertising, marketing, and promotions.

We give businesses guest speaker opportunities in our online & in person networking events, we share social media content to a larger audience, and promote them on several social media sites to increase visibility.


We are not just a Networking Group

RelyLocal is so much more!

Members receive:

  • Business Listing on RelyLocal
  • Sharing social media content
  • Exclusive access to refer & collaborate with other RelyLocal members
  • We promote your events and special offers 
  • Member discounts for products and/or services from other members



Are we the Chamber of Commerce?

No.  While RelyLocal has similarities to many chamber of commerce groups, we are different!

We hold multiple montly events that are available for anyone - not just business owners!  Networking lunches, After 5 Mixers, and Live-Action events are being held multiple times per month.

Our fee for business members is sustantially small compared to many Chambers' fees.


Are we an Advertising Company?



Is there a cost for Membership?

Yes, businesses have the small yearly fee of $270.

As a consumer, RelyLocal is free.  You can support the trend back to shopping local by creating an account to be able to print coupons and be informed of events, deals, and local small business news.



Do I have to be a Member?

No!  You can come to any of our Networking meetings without being a RelyLocal member.