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Michelle L Cox Leadership Coaching

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106 W. Seeboth Street
Milwaukee , WI 53204 (view map)
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If you hear the term coach, do you imagine butterflies and rainbows? In reality, it's not. Do we have fun? Yes! I love to have fun and this is also serious and thought-provoking work.No fluff leadership coaching for execs and organizations who are ready to achieve their biggest business goals.

I’ve worked with leaders all over the world and what I’ve learned is that as an Executive, Business Owner or Sr. Leader, you typically are spending your time focused on your team, your leaders, your clients, the results and not much time on yourself. That’s the norm and I as well as most leaders have been there. Take it from me and the clients I’ve worked with…it doesn’t have to be the norm for you!

Coaching is time to do for yourself what you’re already doing for everyone around you. It’s an hour a week solely dedicated to you!

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coaching is for you if…

You are a leader in your business or your organization and are looking to increase your business results, expand your leadership with your executive team, or create new possibilities in your current position.

We’ll work together to create the path to move you from where you are today to where you want to go. Start playing the big game and level UP in all areas of your life. I’ve helped leaders across the world to achieve big, scary goals for themselves and their organizations.



workshops are for you if…

If you’re a Senior Executive or Owner you typically have a list of neverending sh*t to do.

I get it! You need someone you can trust to work with you and your team to get clear on what role they play and nail down the fundamentals of bringing your vision for the year to life.


consulting is for you if…

You’re looking for an experienced consultant to level up your entire organization by diving into the current state of your business and building an actionable strategy for the future.

A business strategy is not a one size fits all. We dig the heck in to identify the experience your organization is looking to create for your business and the people within’. We’ll work together to solve the problems and implement new ideas that will improve the business.



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