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100% Local

Rt. 14 & 120
Woodstock , IL 60098 (view map)
Phone: 815-338-6550 FAX: 815-338-5950 Website:


Deeter's House Specialties Include:

Jaeger Roast Braten, Veal Stroganoff, Filet Goulash, as well as various Schnitzels: Chicken, Champignon, Hunter, Wienerschnitzel, or Pork Schnitzel. All entrées come with fresh vegetables and potatoes or spaetzle. They also offer traditional german/bavarian dishes such a sausage platters, bohemian duck, kassler ribs, german roasted duck with red cabbage and dumplings. Their famous "German Trio" includes wienerschnitzel, pfaelzer, kassler rib, sauerkraut and german fries.

Wedding Packages begin at $35.00 per person and they also offer family style dinners for smaller parties that include a relish tray with cheese, liver paté and crackers, salad, potato, rolls and butter.

On special holidays, Deeter's offers Easter Sunday and Mothers' Day Brunches , Oktoberfest with a complete German Buffet and 5-piece band. On Thanksgiving, you and your family can enjoy their whole turkey carved tableside, and on New Year's Eve they have a Prime Rib Buffet, DJ and dancing.


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