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Graphic Design • Web Graphics • Fine Arts • Illustration
Here are some samples of my work with images below:
BUSINESS CARDS - "Colorado Healthy Marriage Project" does dating, relationship and marriage education from pre-teen to adult age groups. I created this business card duplicating the leaves and the black bar along the bottom from the logo with some dimensional effects added. Created at Ministry Press.
ILLUSTRATIONS - Red Rocks Fellowship has recently built of coffee shop they've named "The Beanadiction" inside of their church building. They chose to stick with the same colors and fonts as the church logo to keep the shop logo tied to the church. I enjoyed drawing the coffee cup, spoon and beans and like how the logo came together. The flow of the beans and spoon handle over the wording add interest and unity to the graphic.
ONLINE NEWSLETTER - Faith Christian Academy is the school connected with Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado. Summer of 2012 I created this online newsletter for them as a wrap up of the last school year. Created at Ministry Press.
POSTCARDS - I was given a lot of freedom with this postcard to design something that was modern and fresh. I achieved this with bright contrasting colors, many layered geometric shapes and elements, glows, shadows and textures. This is one of the pieces I've put together that I'm still drawn to even after having looked at it a million times. Created while at Ministry Press.
POWERPOINT - Puzzle pieces created for a powerpoint presentation for Hands of the Carpenter. During the presentation, each piece came in one at a time, as the speaker explained that aspect of what this ministry does. At the end, the pieces form a completed picture showing how all these aspects must come together for it to functions successfully.
SHIRTS - "Let Freedom Run" - This logo was created for a race put on by 3W Races called 'Let Freedom Run' on July 4th. 3W wanted to represent several types of American heros - a historical figure, a superhero, and everyday gal. The color and overall style were chosen to give the shirts a vintage 70's look.
AND MORE - Give me at call for your custom project!



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