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SwimLabs Swim School

100% Local

8500 W. Crestline Ave., Unit I
Littleton , CO 80123 (view map)
Phone: (720) 699-0001 Website: Hours:

Monday: 8:30AM – 7:00PM
Tuesday: 8:30AM – 7:00PM
Wednesday: 6:00AM – 7:00PM
Thursday: 8:30AM – 7:00PM
Friday: 7:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM – 3:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

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At SwimLabs, we know the better you can see your stroke, the faster you can improve it. So from young kids who are just learning to swim to competitive swimmers who need an added edge, our unique facility provides instant video feedback that transforms swim instruction. It’s the same techniques and technologies used by Olympic swimmers. And it’s now available in Littleton, Colorado!



We are so unique, we are often the place that “works” for kids, when other lessons haven’t.

We are passionate about our love of swimming and our dedication to helping kids be water safe, faster.  That means individualized attention, small pools where kids are engaged and having fun, highly experienced adult instructors and warm water. (Let’s face it  no one learns well when they’re shivering.)

Plus, our 360º video feedback means even our youngest swimmers see what they’re doing and understand quickly how to improve.

Pick the class size that’s right for your child. You’ll see quickly how unique and fun our swim classes are.

At our location in Littleton, we offer private, semi-private, 3-person private, and 4-person private lessons. Additionally, we offer group classes (no more than 4 kids) and ParentTot classes.

This is no ordinary swim facility:

·        Small, warm-water pools

·        Highly-trained instructors (over 20 hours of SwimLabs specific training)

·        Same video-feed back Olympic swimmers use

·        Kids learn the most correct methods of swimming – making them safer and giving them a stronger foundation

·        Parents get a front-row seat to lessons and video analysis



Colorado is full of people who love sports, competition and winning. We are dedicated to those of you who are passionate about swimming.

We know there are competitive swimmers of all ages and all levels here, and we offer a unique training facility to help you swim stronger, smarter and faster.

From teen and college-aged competitive swimmers to adult and master swimmers and triathletes, our SwimLabs Swim School in Littleton offers you the same techniques and technologies Olympic swimmers use to improve times and gain a competitive edge. We are the perfect complement to team training and work in collaboration with your current coaches and schedules.

What makes us different than your large-pool workouts? We help you look at your stroke from all angles.

SwimLabs adds another dimension to your training.  Here, you’ll benefit from digital video technology that provides instant feedback through mirrors on the bottom of the pool, a 360º video system, advanced video software and a library of videos of elite swimmers to compare your stroke side-by-side.

What is a competitive training session at our Colorado SwimLabs like?

At your first session, our experienced instructors will discuss your swimming history and goals and have you swim in our constant current SwimLabs pool.  As you swim, your instructor will use various cameras above and in the water to capture a 360-degree view of your stroke. With the footage of your swim, they will analyze your stroke using the showcase video library, which houses footage of world-class swimmers illustrating the skills necessary to be a great swimmer.  At the end of your session, your instructor will create a media book for you to take home that includes the video captured during the session, as well as showcase videos used during your session to demonstrate proper stroke technique.

At SwimLabs we offer two types of Competitive Lessons with Video Analysis:

·        Private Lesson (one swimmer with one coach)

·        Semi-Private Lesson (two swimmers with one coach)




Don’t let the swim portion of a triathlon slow you down.

SwimLabs offers athletes a personalized, high-tech way to improve technique and gain speed and confidence. Whether you have been:

·        a competitive swimmer

·        want to bump up your skills

·        you are a novice wanting to learn how to improve your swim for a triathlon

SwimLabs high-tech training will get you ahead of the pack.


Our small pools get you ready for the big event.

At SwimLabs, training takes place in small, warm water pools that can be adjusted to mimic the feel of an open water swim. Here, we can slow down your training in order to help you learn how to speed up your stroke.

We help you look at your stroke from all angles.

SwimLabs unique video technology provides instant visual feedback. In addition, mirrors on the bottom of the pool let you view your stroke from below, helping you and your instructor analyze and adapt the most proficient catch and pull techniques.

·        SwimLabs pools are equipped with a 360° video system and three in-pool mirrors, so you and your instructor can see your stroke from all angles.

·        Our advanced DartFish diagnostic software lets us analyze your stroke and provides immediate feedback, helping you adjust instantly.

·        We use a unique, extensive library of video clips of world-class swimmers for side-by-side comparison.

·        You’ll receive a video analysis of your lesson to help you practice on your own between sessions.



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