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Ross Landscape & Irrigation

100% Local


Chris is always open and available to what customers ask for and gives them additional cost efficient savings when possible. Chris has customers that call on him from year to year due to his loyalty, great customer service and quality of a job well done. Chris also works with several realtors to prepare houses for sale.

We specialize in

  • Irrigation design, install and repair - Drains, grading, and sod install and redo
  • Landscape design, install, remove and redo - Trees, plants, flowers, gardens, fences, walls installed or removed
  • Ponds, waterfall, and water features install, repair, cleaning, and winterizing
  • Brick paver, flagstone, and rock pathways and patios - Block, rock and R x R tie walls
  • Sprinkler system blow-out at $7.50 a zone


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