Promoting Local Businesses

The main reason we launched RelyLocal was to help the "little ones" compete! With national chains and web-based replacements spending as much as $2 million in marketing every day, it is no wonder that many of our local companies are having trouble connecting with new customers through all of the noise. Especially in the past few years, we have begun to see more and more established businesses slowly disappear, while many new local businesses didn't know how to get started and get their name out to new customers. Budgets are tight and many businesses think that the first cut should always be in advertising. This is far from the truth! But, don't just take our word for it...

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time." -Henry Ford

Advertising Incubator & Community Campaigns

RelyLocal is meant to compliment your other marketing efforts or memberships with business groups like the Chamber of Commerce. (Please see our minimiial fees in the Membership & Pricing Section)
Our web site is a small but integral piece of our entire local marketing solution. You simply choose a category (or multiple) in which to feature your business listing and we'll take care of entering all of your information; company description, logo, location, hours of operation, web address, email - even, photos, banner ads and links to your LinkedIn Page, Alignable, Company Blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages! Our first goal is to drive traffic to your business - online or off. As a result, some customers will find what they need about your business directly on our site, while other customers will continue on to your site to get even more information.

Search Engine Results (Organic)
While the main outcome may not immediately get your business (or mine) on "page one" on Google (please consider our minimal costs ) - it does  happen all the time! In addition to the new customers you will gain directly from, you will also begin to see increased traffic and exposure on many other search engines and directories, such as the Chamber of Commerce. With things like meta keywords and even the content on your page becoming less relevant to search engines (it can be manipulated, blocked, hidden and minimized), your site being featured on trusted sites like will help increase your search engine rankings. We will also consult with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your listings on sites like Google Maps, Bing and MSN.

Social Media Ambassadors
Let us be your online ambassador - connecting you with our ever-growing network of "Loyal Locals" on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Imagine - the next time you are holding a special event or offering a special promotion, you can reach hundreds (if not thousands) of qualified local customers with your customized message every time we make a post on your behalf... Instantly! Plus, we keep things fun - with quizzes, contests, and giveaways designed to increase our fan base, while generating new exposure for your business in new markets!

Co-Op Local Advertising
If you have been in business long, you realize that without advertising, you'll never survive. You also realize that most advertising is extremely expensive and difficult to justify on your bottom line. Let us compliment your current advertising plans and reach new audiences that you never thought you could afford. We pool the funds of active members in order to advertise with newspapers, billboards, television, and radio - even sponsoring local events. As an example, for a typical 60-second TV or radio spot, we will spend 30 seconds explaining what the RelyLocal campaign is all about, and how customers can support local business. The second half of the ad will feature specific RelyLocal members who helped to underwrite the ads. Each newspaper ad will feature the latest new members. 

Local Coupon Marketing
Coupons mailings can be very effective, but can be cost-prohibitive and untimely. Not everyone needs everything included in these every day. As part of your normal membership, you may feature up to three coupons each month (you choose the expiration dates) for customers to print and use at your location. Customers needs can be met in real-time,  As we continue to grow, we will also insert "highlight coupons" in the major mailings in the area to showcase all of the coupons available at This is a great incentive to attract new customers. Best of all, it's all included as part of your regular membership!

Area Community Campaign (Coming Soon)
While we provide businesses and Loyal Locals with window decals, bumper stickers & other promotional items, it's much deeper. These tools are a small but deliberate part of building an effective grass-roots campaign and sense of pride in supplorting local businesses.  The RelyLocal branding reinforces that sense of pride.

Your Role - Our Partner!
RelyLocal isn't just about what we can do for you, it's about what you can do for your community. At least 90% of your membership dues stay in the area to help grow our community campaign to reunite local customers with their local business. Additionally, a portion of RelyLocal IL-Libertyville Area's proceeds will be donated back to non-profit organizations in out communities. We don't view our business members and web users as clients and customers, we view them as partners! Get involved, make a minimal investment in RelyLocal, and you'll receive a lot more in return than just more clicks to your web site. We are here to help!

The Most Cost-Effective Marketing in the Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Mundelein & Surrounding Areas

Yellow Pages From $500-$25,000 per year, per publisher
depending on type of ad
Billboards Typical minimum investment of $4,350
production, minimum 3 months
Newspaper An average of $380 for a one-time, 1/4 page ad
Coupon Mailings Between $200-$900 per month
Coupon Saver, ValuPak, FamilySaver
Television Ads $350-$400 for one 30-second spot during prime time
not including production cost
Radio Ads $50-$150 for one 30-second spot during drive time
eMarketing From $200-$1,200+ per month for ongoing SEO, ad management, etc...
ONLY $30 PER MONTH (or $299/year-Grand Opening Special)
Gain new local exposure in all of the outlets above for about half the cost of a single 30-second radio spot! (Co-op opportunities are on a first-come, first-served basis...)

Your Problems, RelyLocal's Solutions

Problem #1: Most small local businesses can’t afford the thousands of dollars needed each month to advertise with newspapers, coupon packs, billboards, tv, radio - let alone hiring an internet marketing firm or find time to spend on social networking! How can they possibly compete with national chains or established competitors?

Solution: RelyLocal is much more than just another online business directory and community campaign! Think of us as your co-op advertising agency, internet marketing firm, and part time sales staff - repping you in the community all day, every day.

Problem #2: Many businesses already have a good web site, but nobody really uses it. They spend precious time and money for ongoing design, SEO, and expensive advertising that appears to produce no tangible results. Other businesses don't have a web presence at all, but know that they are losing customers as a result.

Solution: If potential customers can’t find your web site or listings, they aren't likely to find your physical location, either. We not only bring you new, highly qualified traffic directly from your listing on, but we also feed the search engines and other directories, increasing your overall online exposure and organic (free) rankings.

Problem #3: You may diligently send out fantastic emails to customers or prospects, but often recipients are inundated and end up deleting them.

Solution: RelyLocal can serve as a CRM.  When customers are looking for something, they will see deals and information in a timely, relevant manner.  We can do the reaching out for you.

Problem #4:  "I don't have a problem...

Solution: If you are satisisfied with your sales and don't want to increase visibility, perhaps RelyLocal isn't for you.  Consider, however the additional profit you can easily make with our Rewards Program AND the charitable contributions RelyLocal Libertyville Area will make back to our community..

If you are a local business owner who would like to partner with RelyLocal, just get in touch or apply today! We'd love to meet with you and figure out even more ways that we can help your business!