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I'm Suzanne Singson and I am here to help you create your "journey to the best you" and finding your optimal health.  This starts with an evaluation of where you are now and then identifying where you want to be, what you want to achieve, and setting your goals.  I offer free consultations to get you organized and understand the options you have.  




My support as an Integrative Health Coach offers:
a nutritional cleansing system to optimize your goals, meal planning, recipes, kitchen cabinet clean outs, creating a grocery list and support for shopping, gluten/dairy/soy/corn free options, exercise goals/planning and much more.





Nutritional Cleansing
Enjoy a system with complete nutrition to support your goals and feel the best you can.

So often people tell me “You know I eat well so I don’t really need to make any changes” or “I already know how to eat healthy and shouldn’t have the problems I do”.  Most of these people are tired, anxious, can’t lose weight, and some even can not gain weight.  In all honesty I was there myself.  Even as a Health Coach who was eating “clean”, cleansing here and there, and even had eliminated certain foods, I was struggling.  Why isn’t this enough?

In my business I work with people who want to further enhance their food and lifestyle choices with Nutritional Cleansing. Nutritional Cleansing offers and teaches about quality food and nutrition, promotes cleansing at the cellular level, and helps our bodies more efficiently deal with stress. What does this mean?  You will gain energy, sleep better, feel less stressed, say goodbye to fat and inches, and maintain/gain lean muscle mass.

Click here:  Isagenix for more information on the fabulous health and nutrition company that I work with. You'll be as impressed as I am with the science behind this company.


Gluten Free Eating
Learn the basics of Gluten Free eating and recipes to get you started

Even though it seems challenging to change to a gluten free lifestyle, working with a knowledgeable coach will make it seem so much easier.

The following is a list of health benefits you might see when choosing gluten free: 

  • less inflammation
  • less body aches
  • less indigestion
  • less irritable bowel concerns
  • better sleep 
  • and even weight loss


Are you aware of the different sources of gluten? Do you know where gluten can be hidden?  Here are few:

  • wheat
  • rye
  • soy sauce
  • sauces
  • soups
  • corn tortillas


Do you know that you don't have to sacrifice taste to go gluten free

Do you know a lot of prepared and packaged gluten free products are highin sugar and bad fats?

Do you know that when restaurants say they offer gluten free it doesn't always mean it is guaranteed?

Embarking on a gluten free lifestyle can be made simple when working with your Health Coach. I can break it down to the basics of what you CAN eat and how it will benefit your personally. One step and one day at a time.




Planning your goals based on your personal needs and lifestyle.



  • Creating your own personal goals
  • Finding what your body needs and doesn’t need
  • Creating an exercise routine that works for you, your body and your schedule
  • Eating to be healthy, finding a balance


  • Doing what others think is best for you
  • Forcing a lifestyle or choice that causes stress
  • Getting off track because of wrong choices



You can always find the good in difficult times or learn from them!

Find the power in finding better health through a better lifestyle!




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