Spelt Right Baking — healthy bagels, pizza dough and bread

Welcome to the Spelt Right Baking website. Spelt Right products- bagels, breads, and pizza dough – are made with a special blend of organic spelt flours, extra virgin olive oil, natural sea salt, and complimented with organic and natural seeds and spices. They are made in the artisan tradition taking days to rest the dough before the final bake. We receive daily raves about the taste, texture and lightness of our products. As one satisfied customer has said, “Simply Delicious and Energizing!”

We founded Spelt Right Baking in 2007 as a result of our young son’s intolerance to common wheat and many artificial additives in foods. In a nutshell, his inability to digest common wheat and certain additives in foods made him miserable and caused behaviors that mimicked those that are associated with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.

Once we cleaned up his diet (removed all common wheat and anything artificial), the change was nothing short of amazing. He is now healthy, happy, not on any medications, and in the gifted program in school. In order to keep the diet change upbeat and to provide parents with a guide on how we eat meals free of common wheat and artificial additives, we have started a blog, coined the Lunch Box Chronicles, in which we endeavor to provide a recipe a day. http://speltrightbaking.blogspot.com/

The business started with the idea that people like our son who have sensitivities to common wheat (but who do not need to be gluten-free) would appreciate baked goods made from the ancient grain spelt. Our hunch was right!

Spelt is a healthier alternative. Imagine a grain that is undeniably delicious, easy to digest, loaded with protein, fiber, manganese, magnesium, complex carbohydrates, essential amino acids, Vitamin Bs, and more and that has been known since Biblical Times for its health benefits. Spelt is this wonderful ancient grain that has been absent from the American diet for too long.

One of the biggest benefits we discovered about spelt is its ease of digestibility. We have since learned that many other people benefit from a diet rich in spelt. Both the World’s Healthiest Foods website and The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael T. Murray provide great information on the health benefits of spelt.

Within a few years, Spelt Right’s distribution has grown from just a handful of venues in Portland, Maine to stores throughout New England and eastern New York, including Whole Foods Markets (CT, RI, Mass, Maine), Hannaford Supermarkets (Maine, Mass, NH, NY), independent health and specialty food stores, cafes and restaurants, select colleges and hospitals. Our products are available on-line for shipping within the continental US and we continue to grow our distributional reach into new regions.