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SOAKOLOGY Foot Santuary

100% Local

30 City Center
Portland , Maine 04101 (view map)
Phone: 207.879.7625 Website: Hours:

Sun 11am 5pm
Wed 11am 7pm
Sat 11am -9pm


Our Philosophy

We offer clients an oasis of calm designed to be dramatically different from run-of-the-mill spas and salons. We employ a small group of skilled, empathetic, dedicated people and empower them with the knowledge, facilities, means, and products to help you escape, however temporarily, from daily stress and tension.

It’s very hard to put into words what your five senses will tell you when you walk in our door. The best way to learn about our philosophy is to simply experience us.

You’ll see our commitment to creating a visual oasis in the colors on our walls, in our inviting décor and artwork, attractive furnishings, and beautiful boutique and café offerings.

You’ll delight in the scents of our tea leaves, aromatherapy oils and lotions, and herbal foot bath waters. The sounds of the outside world will fade away and your mind will relax as your ears take in peaceful music that permeates our teahouse and foot sanctuary spa. You’ll find your tastes tempted with familiar and exotic teas from all over the world. Plus hand crafted sweets and piquant treats to savor with the beverage of your choice.

Then, there is touch. The release of tension as your feet soak in warm, scented water poured over river stones into an artisan-made glazed pottery bowl. The feel of strong, skilled hands massaging away the knots in your shoulders or soreness in your feet.

Our philosophy. Relaxation through the five senses. Delivered by people who truly care about your wellbeing. In an environment that supports our clients. Based on a business model that promotes fair trade, recycling and other green practices, and the use of local vendors for food and other items.

You will always know you are welcome when you visit SOAKOLOGY foot sanctuary and teahouse.


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