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Saco Bay Physical Therapy

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29 Foden Rd
South Portland, ME , Maine 04106-2319 (view map)
Phone: (207) 772-2625 Website: Hours:

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What’s the secret of our success? You.

Specifically, it is the partnership of our physical therapists, and their knowledge and expertise, with your commitment to your treatment program that leads to achieving your goals - returning you to performing and feeling your best. We ask that you:

Believe you will benefit from physical therapy. We will work with you to evaluate and treat your health-related conditions that are limiting your abilities to perform basic and athletic activities. We use proven treatment techniques to promote movement, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.

Take an active role in your designed treatment program. Therapy is a continuum of care. We ask that you understand that physical therapy is something you do, not something you get. Individual motivation is critical to the success of a physical therapy treatment program.

Integrate your treatment program into your daily life. It takes smart decisions, 24/7, to keep physical therapy progress on track. This means that you should avoid painful activities, continue your home treatment program and keep scheduled appointments.

Enjoy the successes of your labor. Whether your goal is to return to competitive alpine skiing, performing the tasks of your job or accomplishing the simple activities of daily living – you will have many moments of success leading to your complete rehabilitation. We hope you celebrate and find motivation in your small successes, while on the road to achieving your greater goals.


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