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Soft Touch Electrolysis & Skin Care

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April is Electrology Awareness Month!

Needing hair removal can be difficult and embarrassing for many women and men to discuss.  As an electrology client myself, I offer personal experience and empathy to those who find this a sensitive area of discussion.

Many women have become experts at hiding their unwanted hair.  For many, this is extremely time consuming and highly emotional.  Tweezing and waxing often increase the coarseness and amount of hair, thereby increasing the stress and emotional aspect of having unwanted hair and trying to eliminate it.

Eliminating unwanted hair permanently is not just my profession, it is my passion.   It is personally rewarding for me to help those with unwanted hair to regain
their self confidence and personal time as they experience the freedom that comes with permanent hair removal.  Imagine your life free from daily tweezing, waxing or shaving. 

Electrolysis was invented in 1875 by Dr. Charles Michel and for over 130 years is still the industry standard  by which all other hair removal techniques are measured.  Electrolysis is effective on all colors and types of hair and skin.  Hair can be removed from most body areas with electrolysis.

Unfortunately, there are many claims for gimmicks and gadgets to remove unwanted hair.  Sadly, people spend millions every year on these unproven methods only to find they don't work and they have wasted their money and time.  Often, they find their unwanted hair has increased.  The truth is, Electrolysis is still the only proven method of permanent hair removal. 

Make the permanent choice.  Call me today for your complimentary consultation.  Together we can work towards your goal of becoming hair free!

  Schedule of Fees  



15 Minutes                      $23.00

 30 Minutes                       $37.00

  45 Minutes                       $53.00

   60 Minutes                       $63.00 


                                                                    Reflexology                $45.00                                                   

                        Tailored Facial           $65.00                           

                        Facial Peel Series      $160.00/Four or $220.00/Six  


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