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Pawsitive Touch For Dogs

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100 NE Mill Street
Grants Pass , OR 97526 (view map)
Phone: 541-218-5565 Website: Hours:

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Pawsitive Touch for Dogs uses an underwater treadmill to treat your dog’s muscle and strength issues.  The low impact of water walking can help increase recovery time for your pet before surgery and to speed up recovery after surgery.  The natural buoyancy, resistance and heat of the water help to build muscle strength and create a low impact resistance.Pawsitive Touch For Dogs offers certified dog massage therapy to assist your pet through all their rehabilitation needs.  Along with the hydrotherapy or on its own, your pet’s muscles can benefit from massage work.Is your pet a bit overweight?  Water walking can help reduce their weight, while offering a low impact to their joints and muscles.  Help your pet shed some pounds this holiday season with a few water walking sessions.

Underwater Treadmill Therapy

30 minute therapy session               $35.00

5 sessions (5% discount)                 $166.00

10 sessions (10% discount)             $315.00 


20-30 minutes            $30.00

10-15 minutes            $20.00

After therapy               $10.00

Consultations are always FREE!                      


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