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Nail Tek Nail Salon, Federal Way

100% Local

1640 Southwest Dash Point Road
Federal Way , WA 98023-4530 (view map)
Phone: (253) 874-6306 Hours:

None published


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 Customer Recommendation –‘Rely Rave’               
"Nail Tek was a great place to get a full mani-pedi for my daughter's birthday.  Four of us went at the same time and we were accomodated fully.  The staff exceeded our expectations and made my daughter's special day very memorable.  It was also a very affordable day! "Kristin P. 4-2011
 Nail Tek

...Federal Way Nail Salon


Services: Manicures and Pedicures

Accepts Credit Cards

Call 253-874-6306
1640 SW Dash Point Rd. Federal Way, WA 98023
Near the old Metropolitan Market
Listing image Credit c311
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