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Growers Direct

100% Local

101 E. 17th St.
Costa Mesa , CA 92627 (view map)
Phone: (949) 631-7880 FAX: (949) 631-7762 Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9 am – 8 pm
Sat-Sun: 9 am – 7 pm

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Growers Direct in Costa MesaGrowers Direct

Locally Grown ProduceAs you walk into our market, your eyes are immediately assaulted with more vibrant colors than a television test pattern. Then your olfactory sensors are smacked with the floral aromas of ripe fruit and the fresh bounty of the garden. But before you collapse into a botanical stupor, pay attention or else you'll be run over by the ever busy stock boys, who are constantly on the move, replenishing the supply of fresh produce and removing any undesirable pieces from the lot.  You will also find a well-organized and clean, local market stocked high with fruits and vegetables from local growers and suppliers.  The store is relatively small and easy to browse and find items quickly.  Take in the the constant flow of bustling patrons fawning at the perfection of a retail establishment devoted to local goods – and a place that is open during regular hours rather than a four hour farmer’s market on a Sunday morning.

Better Quality Produce at Lower PricesVerdant celery stalks, cold and crisp, its green sprigs is still misted with beads of dew. Tight bundles of spring onions with its hollow tubes standing as straight and rigid as sticks are colored like the deepest and darkest emerald. A carefully arranged pyramid of spherical honeydew melons has the sweet fragrance which snakes up and invites all passing nostrils to take a long, deep sniff.  The zucchini has soil still clinging to it, having been pulled out of the ground barely hours before. Crimson tomatoes, round and plump, which has taut, smooth skin with nary a blemish.

Grower's Direct is the place to go in southwest Costa Mesa for produce. We have a much larger selection of fruits and vegetables than most other grocery stores (even Henry's or Trader Joe's) all at very reasonable prices compared to the national chain stores.  In addition to produce, we also have eggs, dairy, assortments of nuts, dried fruits, Sunflour bakery products and other assorted goceries.  The crowds in the store reflect the kind of loyal patronage that our savy Costa Mesa consumers and regulars have demonstrated for over a deacade.  We are grateful to our loyal locals who in turn enjoy the good fortune of having a veritable farmer's market that's close to home and open everyday!  


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