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Broomfield Academy

100% Local

7203 120th Ave
Broomfield , Colorado 80020 (view map)
Phone: 303-469-6449 Website:


Broomfield Academy offers a five-acre campus, you will see how our individualized curriculum and programs work together to provide students with an experience that will help them to be creative, to excel and to be successful. The ceiling for performance at Broomfield Academy is as high as individual students can reach through a combination of effort, ability, and instructional opportunity.

There are five buildings on The Broomfield Academy campus. They are the main elementary school building (which houses six classrooms and the technology lab), the pool building (with two classrooms and a pool), the "blue and white" building (with three upper grade rooms and four preschool rooms), and "The Den" (a multi-purpose building used for lunch, camp and the extended-day program, as well as for a wide range of enrichment activities, such as music, art, etc.). The water in the swimming pool is kept at a very warm 90 degrees, making swimming fun for all ages.  It is a salt-water pool (rather than conventional chlorine pool) which is much easier on the kids eyes, clothing and hair.  Swimming is part of the PE program for all students.  Private, semi-private and group lessons are also available after school.


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