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100% Local

PO Box 1578
Bend , OR 97709
Phone: 541-555-1212 Website: Hours:

9-5 Monday – Friday

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Born in Bend, RelyLocal helps support local business owners with the goal to help stabilize the local economy by highlighting the important role that local business has in the overall health of the community.
Our first goal is to drive traffic to your business - online or off. As a result, some customers will find what they need about your business directly on our site (or via mobile), while other customers will continue on to your site to get even more information.
General Information

HYPERLOCAL - - Member Driven

Truly a grass-roots movement, RelyLocal-Bend will strive to drive new customers directly to your local business. In addition, you will also begin to see increased traffic and exposure on many other search engines and directories. With things like Meta keywords and even the content on your page becoming less relevant to search engines (because it can be manipulated), your site being featured on trusted sites like will help to increase your search engine rankings.







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Tell your favorite locally owned/locally managed business you are searching for their specials...on RelyLocal-Bend
( Locally Owned Businesses, Locally Owned Franchises and Community Minded Loyal Locals Please )

Expiration 12/31/2022


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