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Base Camp Studio


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about base camp studio

The mission of Base Camp Studio is to provide a sustainable and supportive space that builds a healthy community by cultivating creativity, self-awareness, personal growth, and interpersonal understanding through the arts.


We are so happy to announce that after ten months of waiting, we have finally received our determination letter acknowledging Base Camp Studio as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Over the past year we have worked with several local organizations and schools to bring arts opportunities and art therapy groups to those who would not otherwise have had these experiences. We are so thrilled to be working toward fulfilling our mission and overjoyed that our 501c3 status will enable us to seek funding to support other underserved populations through grants and tax deductible donations.  

LOCATION: Base Camp Studio is actively seeking a place to call home. We are currently providing services through outreach to local organizations and schools.


The vision of Base Camp Studio programs is based on best practices, existing program models, and research-based methods from the fields of Art Therapy, Education, Psychology, and Fine Arts. Our programs are designed to be developmentally appropriate and to facilitate growth in the areas of creativity & innovation, communication, and social emotional competence.




Base Camp Studio is equipped with all the supplies and materials needed to begin the life-long journey of exploration through the arts.

Most individuals, organizations, non-profits and schools acknowledge that the arts are beneficial and even crucial to development and overall well-being. When the arts are not directly tied to the mission of an organization, however, funding is seldom available for such programs. Because Base Camp Studio’s sole mission is to cultivate creativity and provide opportunities for engagement in the arts, we can be the “base camp” for other organizations, providing a space and bringing art opportunities to those who can benefit.



• Provide accessible and affordable opportunities to safely engage in the art making process and explore various art media for toddlers through adults.
• Bridge a gap in social service by reaching out to underserved populations.
• Facilitate creative expression and self-exploration, encouraging a life-long discovery process through the arts.
• Improve health and emotional well-being through artistic expression.
• Create meaningful and long-lasting relationships.
• Build community through the shared experiences of art making.
• Bring together all members of community by providing a space that celebrates diversity in age, gender, culture, and experience.
• Utilize art media and exhibitions to promote social change.
• Give back to our community by partnering with our neighbors and enhancing the over-all vision for Bend and our progressive sustainable future.
• Communicate program results and studio challenges and successes to Donors and Partners. Evaluate our work with relation to our mission and core values.


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