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The purpose of RelyLocal Asheville is to encourage locals to support their locally owned businesses to grow the economy.

More dollars spent at local business means more tax money to support our schools, police, fire and other services. More dollars spent local means more job creation and a better standard of living for our friends and neighbors. We challenge you to examine your personal or business budget and find ways to shift your spending to support others that call the Asheville area home and be part of the economic growth of our community. Think you can't make a difference? Did you know that if every adult in the *Asheville Metropolitan Area shifted just $20 a month to local spending, we would make a $56 Million Annual Impact? That's less than a dollar a day, imagine the possibilities if you shifted more! Want to see the economic impact for a different area? Use our "$20 Shift Calculator".

* Asheville is the largest city located within the Asheville MSA(Metropolitan Statistical Area). The MSA includes Buncombe County; Haywood County; Henderson County; and Madison County; with a combined population – as of the 2008 Census Bureau populationestimate – of 408,436.

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