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Mongkut Thai

100% Local

212 Avenida Del Mar
San Clemente , CA 92672 (view map)
Phone: 949-542-0152 Website:




Panang Curry dishes were on the very first Mongkut Thai® menu when the restaurant opened in 1986. Ever since, these entrées have been some of the restaurant’s hottest sellers while helping to generate and maintain a loyal customer base. A wonderful blend of red chili paste, peanuts and coconut milk, Panang Curry is popular in Thailand, but its roots stem from the neighboring country of Indonesia. This particular version of Panang Curry is smooth and bold while presenting a wonderful balance to shrimp, chicken and beef. All natural with no MSG, this Panang Curry sauce contains shrimp paste, making it ideal for the fish-eating vegetarian.

Allergen info: Contains peanut and soy. No MSG.



Coconut milk soup is one of Thailand’s most popular dishes and often appeals to the first-time Thai-food eater. This soup is an education in itself, offering a friendly introduction to the cuisine and its ingredients. A popular tropical nut that produces smooth and pleasing milk, the coconut is a signature source for Thai cooking. Mongkut Thai Foods®’ Coconut Milk Soup is not only creamy but zesty as it also features fresh lime juice, shrimp oil paste and dry chili. Ideal for seafood-eating vegetarians.

Allergen info: Contains shellfish and soy. No MSG.



Green Curry is a traditional sauce of Thailand featuring the signature flavors of coconut milk and green curry paste. A staple in Thailand, Green Curry is unique from the other two curries as it is especially spicy and contains basil, making it aromatic and memorable for anyone who eats it. This sauce is authentic and offers a fresh and sweet flavor to any meat, vegetable and tofu. Mongkut Thai Foods® uses ingredients that are all natural and no MSG. This sauce contains shrimp paste and is ideal for dishes that appeal to seafood-eating vegetarians.

Allergen info: Contains soy. No MSG.





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