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Local Rewards are Growing


Like a freshly planted apple tree, it seems like every day the list of Rewards grows in stature and awesomeness. Just in the last few weeks, Bricks 4 Kidz, Lee's Martial Arts, Let It Ride Casino Parties, and Common Ground Cupcakes have offered new deals exclusive to Reward card-holding members.


But what kind of deals are we talking about here?, you might be asking yourself. Well, there are three general types of Rewards:
  • Every-day deals: Convenient, easy and simple, these deals might not sound impressive (in the 5-15%+ range) but you can use them every day, and because Rewards tend to be clustered in walkable districts and neighborhoods, your total savings per trip (and over the year) add up quickly.
  • One-time offers: We know that trying new things for the first time can be a little scary, but with these Rewards you can try this whole "local thing" out without risk. It's just this one time, but we're talking about serious (50%+) discounts or even free products, services and more.
  • Time-limited & seasonal discounts: These are the ones you'll want to watch out for, because they won't last long! Spread the word when you see them in the Deal of the Day newsletter, Twitter, or Facebook!

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Meet a Local Leader
Aaron Gimmestad
Luther's Table coffee shop and community space

Aaron is a Renton native although he has traveled all over the world.  After graduating from UW he traveled to Russia to... (more)


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