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Wildtree Products by Chef Mike

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Chef Mike's journey with Wildtree over the past year definitely is not what I pictured it would be when I started, but it has been nothing short of amazing! I have met so many wonderful people . Some I work with and some I get to serve as customers. All in all Wildtree has changed my life in many ways. My entire family is eating and feeling healthier while we are making money doing it. Our company's products should be in every home. Give your pantry a Wildtree makeover and know for sure you aren't eating or feeding your family anything processed with artificial ingredients or chemicals. Use Freezer Meal Workshops to stock your freezer full of healthy dinners so you don't have to think much about meal time on a daily basis. Wildtree is for anyone and everyone! 

the wildtree story


Leslie Montie never dreamed she would become the founder of a company that helps families enjoy great tasting, nutritious meals in minutes.


When Leslie discovered that her two young children had medical conditions requiring special dietary restrictions, she began her search for healthy alternatives. "It was amazing how this impacted our entire family." recalls Leslie. "I needed to come up with meals that my children would not react to, yet still enjoy. And since I was a full-time working mom, they had to be easy to make." 

Leslie sought the help of her mother and father, Frank and Judy. As concerned parents and grandparents, they immediately began experimenting with new ways to flavor and prepare foods. "It was really a hit and miss sort of process and we came up with some great ideas," said Leslie. "I remember thinking that others could benefit from what we discovered; how to make mealtime an enjoyable and effortless experience, dietary restrictions or not!"


Leslie's sincere desire to help others was the inspiration that led her to found Wildtree in 1996. 

Leslie and Judy began by selling their specialty blends at local cooking fairs. They were overwhelmed by the reception and quickly gained a loyal following. When an enthusiastic customer asked Leslie if she had considered selling through home parties, she loved the idea. "I held my first party a few weeks later and knew it was the ideal way to bring our products directly to families." 

The combination of Leslie's natural marketing ability, Judy's talent for product development and Frank's manufacturing expertise laid the foundation. Wildtree was officially launched in 1999 to local acclaim as a party plan company.

About Wildtree Herbs, Spices and Culinary Blends  
  Wildtree Mission Statement  

Our Mission

Wildtree offers the highest quality herbs, spices and culinary blends that are free of preservatives, additives, fillers and promote a healthier lifestyle. We believe in the value of making cooking a quicker, easier, more healthful project for those who are short on time. Wildtree also offers a fun adventure for those who wish to be more creative in the kitchen. We offer our representatives the opportunity to earn unlimited income and have a home based business that allows them to live the American Dream.


Our Success Story Continues

Frank, Judy, and Leslie soon realized that their family business had the potential to become something greater than they ever imagined. Knowing Wildtree could become a household name across the nation, Leslie looked for ways to turn that vision into a reality. 

The people at the Southwestern Company shared her enthusiasm. Southwestern is affectionately known as the "Oldest Company in Direct Sales." With 150 years of sales history, The Southwestern Company recognized Wildtree's unique qualities and joined the partnership. This marked the beginning of Wildtree as we know it today. 

Wildtree holds the highest standards for products and service, and operates with the passion, expertise, and resources that make it the best in the industry.



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