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This coalition as part of the Lexi Legacy is to be a proactive force in our community to prevent teen suicide and issues surrounding our teens in Racine. We will raise money for local organizations and help connect the community with resources to help prevent other parents from feeling the heartache we have had to experience.

Lexi Legacy wants to start something that will keep other youths from turning to suicide.

“There are so many resources here that can help kids; they just don’t know about them,” Star Lopez said.

Lexi’s suicide appears to have been caused at least in part by bullying, although Lopez doesn’t think that’s the whole story. Lexi, a Horlick High School student, was in a fight two days before her suicide, her mother said. Other youths took video and were calling her names.

Lexi was a nonconformist who some labeled as transgender, but Lopez said, “I call it confused sexuality.” Lexi had taken to dressing like a boy and at one point said she wanted to be called Landon.

“I don’t know if anyone knows how serious she was, or if she was just expressing herself,” Lopez said.

“But kids turned it into something negative.”

Lexi also was diagnosed with clinical depression and took medication for it — but sometimes went off her meds, Lopez said. She also cut herself; her limbs were full of scars, Lopez said.

Some students would say, “Oh, you just want attention,” she said.


But Lopez thinks there’s help for troubled teens such as Lexi was. She intends to start a nonprofit called the Lexi Legacy, hold an annual benefit and draw together a coalition of groups “to find ways to try to prevent suicide ... in Racine.


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