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The Village Clocksmith

100% Local

137 First Street
Prattville , Alabama 36067 (view map)
Phone: (334) 491- 8463 Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
After Hours & Saturday by Appointment


the village clocksmith in downtown prattville, alabama


The Village Clocksmith, John Newman 

Downtown Prattville, Alabama


The Village Clocksmith, is located at 137 First Street in downtown Prattville, AL and is owned by John Newman.  John has been involved in clock repair and restoration for 35 years.   My associate, Darrell Sambor has been with me for over a year now and has proven to be a very capable and responsible clockmaker.  I am fortunate to have him working with me.  Our main objective is not only to repair clocks, but to restore memories, that are so often found in clocks that have been with families for generations.  

One of our policies when taking in clocks is to evaluate them to determine the best way to go in bringing them back to life.  We will offer alternative solutions, with our suggestions, but always let the clock owner make the final decisions.  We are not certified appraisers, but when possible, do offer an opinion on the value of a clock, which sometimes is a factor in the restoration process.  Sometimes that takes just a good cleaning and oiling.  

Our combined experience and credentials include our memberships in The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, and the Internet clockmakers group "Clocksmiths", having a membership of over 700 members worldwide.  We are all in contact daily, solving repair problems, sharing tips techniques, clock identification and information.  

I was plant engineer at Emperor Clock Company in Fairhope, Alabama, and now am the Vintage Emperor Clock Consultant, offering advice and parts for customers world wide for clocks sold by Emperor when they were in Fairhope.   At Emperor I taught part of their clock repair classes, and at clock conventions give lectures on starting and running a clock repair business, along with demonstrations of clock repair techniques and exhibiting clock repair tools I have developed.

Any Questions Please Feel Free to Contact Us at
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